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Raspberry Leaves.

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Ok, Those of you that use the raspberry leaves for your doe to help in labor. Do you give it before they are in labor, like how long before? During labor, or what? And how much?
I found Red Raspberry leaves, and they are crushed, is that ok?
Please tell me your secret.

That you and my does that you also. :greengrin:
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We feed our does raspberry leaves their whole pregnancy. Even a few weeks before kidding will help though. We also give them to our does and bucks for a month or so before breeding.
It does lots for the does - tones the uterus and muscles, helps with hormone balance etc. I just recently read that it also helps the male reproduction. I don't remember exactly how, or even where I read it. *blush* I know it can't hurt, and they sure LOVE it!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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