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    Oct 14, 2009
    Hi, everyone, I am new here, just got our three doelings this spring (nigerian dwarfs) we are so enjoying them and are looking forward to breeding them this winter. We live rather remotely, and the nearest buck is at least a three hour drive. I was wondering what your experiences are regarding A.I. I haven't seen any mention of it here and was wondering what you could tell me about it- good, bad, etc. Also, just what would owning a buck entail? Thanks for your help.

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    First off welcome to the group :)
    as far as AIing, it can get pretty pricey to start off with, as you need the lights and speculum a tank semen etc.
    Then there is the process of learning to do it. Someday i would like to. AIing virgin does i have heard can be a risky facor. I know some people have had great success others no luck at all.
    Timing heats its probably the hardest thing. Too soon and she wont settle, too late and the same thing.
    Having a buck isnt that much work, especially with the little ones. Raising them from kids is probably the easiest thing. this way you can raise him the ay you want. You just have to beef up a pen a little. I have a five line four foot electric fence and my bucks stay put just fine.