Reading Fecal/Cocci Results?

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    Got back a fecal on the buck I lost. We had been battling Cocci which some goats brought when they came to visit/get bred. So, I wanted to know if the Sulmet we were using was being effective since a neighboring farm saw no results using it and resorted to Di-Methox.

    So, it came back as "Coccidia oocysts 130-150 /LPF"

    How do I read this? What's a high range; a low one?

    ...ETA: I have called my vet ;) He's on a house call so he will call me when he gets back to the office and gets the message. I was just curious if anyone else has experience with this!
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    It is a little high - normal load is 10 - 50

    Now a load of 1000 is considered clinical and on death bed.

    What you are seeing is a higher range - however - it can be controlled and brought down. Remember that the "proper" dosing to erradicate is to treat and repeat in 3 weeks, and then in 3 weeks again!