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    Well on top of Mike coming home.....We just got the insurense worked out to teach horseback riding lessons again! I havnt done so in quite some time. But im excited to do it again. I got my level one CHA certification to teach a couple of years ago. And we are getting a percheron gelding. We went and looked at him last week. Big gentle guy. I jumped on him bareback and he is like riding a couch. He is only about 15.3 or 16 hands. But he is wide. He has really smooth gates and a gentle disposition. Going to use him as a lesson horse, as he is so easy to handle. Our insurence aslso covers vaulting so we are going to do some of that too. The program branch on the north end has a big percheron and they use him for vaulting. We wanted to get one down here as its an hour each way and it was getting old hauling im down here an hour each way three times a week.
    Also took my horse Zues to a clinic the other day and he did amazingly well. He had a twenty three second pole run. Amazing for him. he has gotten into this dyeing out thing about halfway down the lane. Bowling over poles with his face. And dropping his shoulder in the turn, knocking the end pole down. I was so excited. he is doing so much better!
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    Congrats on the news!!!

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    Mar 20, 2009
    That's great! Horses are amazing animals, and if I had one I would ride it all the time. But money is a little tight with all the animals I have now anyways :roll:

    But that percheron sounds amazing! Good luck with everything!

    Do you already know some people interested? Or are you going to advertise, etc? How's your setup? :)
    (sorry for the questions, i'm just curious :D)
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    Mar 20, 2009
    oops, repost.. stupid computer!
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    sounds terrific.....congrats..... :wink: :greengrin: :leap:
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    Oct 4, 2007
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    That's awesome!! Congrats!! :cool:
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    Thanks guys!
    I have business cards and flyers up at the local feed stores. I work at a farm supply store and we always have people coming in asking about riding lessons for their kids. We usually do an add in the paper. We are also involved with HOPE with is a therapuetic riding program. We get a lot of kids and adults with relitives in the program that want lessons. Word of mouth is great. We do a pony camp during the summer. We wont be doing that again until next year because we dont have any ponies as of now.
    As far as a set up, we are mostly a fair weather facility. We do have a 60 x 120 foot outdoor arena. It has flood lights but it isnt covered. We have another dirt/grass arena behind that one, thats bigger. Im not exactly sure on the footage though. We can do small jump courses driving and some gaming events there. There are three miniature horses that know how to drive, so we can do that. Most of the horses are owned by either hope or outside boarders. But all but two can be used for lessons. Which is awsome. There are a couple of beginner horses, and others that are for more advanced people. There is about twenty acres, we have about a five acre pasture, split into four sections we rotate through. And then two other larger pastures. We have a track sacrifice area around each of the pastures. Right now this is where the horses spend most of their time. Its wide enough for a large truck and trailer to move through comfortably. We also use this area for conditioning horses. Its a great area to get out of the arena and not have to go anywhere. We have twelve by twelve paddocks set up for graining horses in. each has their own. This also works for the camps as we can pen horses individually so kids dont have to walk into a herd situation. The minis and draft each have their own field area.
    We are within riding distance if a couple of trail systems as well as the fair grounds. And anyone can use the arena at the fairgrounds at will, if there isnt another function going on.