Really scared.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm dead scared. My 10 month old Boer buck, Riot, is not growing properly. He is the size of a 5 month old! Probably only 75 pounds. He was born as a triplet, and dam and sire are sound. He is smaller than my two yearling wethers, and 1/4 the size of my (large) 9 year old Pygmy buck!

    I am calling a vet later to see if he (he's an equine vet) can do anything. The only livestock vet is 5 hours away.

    He is also a little bloated! So my friend (horse guru) said possibly thyroid, and low hormones. Soo, we're talking stunted growth and thyroid issues. I'm really scared. I have a few pictures from last weekend.



    Any thoughts?
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    I had a buck this year-Brady- RIP- he was a triplet and was built just like your buck- they sometimes take longer to catch up being triplets- Your buck is wide , but short- It looks like he may be a tad bit small for his age, but I wouldn't worry too much-he should catch up fine-peanut hay and alfalfa-work great for us-you may want to put him on a show feed also. A buck I had a year ago was 32 inches tall at 1 year old, but he was thin as a rail and looked like a wether. They all are going to grow at a different pace-It also depends on his genetics.** also-if he were the smaller of the triplets-he may hit his growth spurt later-most bucks go through a "transitional phase" when maturing-***

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    Oct 19, 2009
    He's probably just slow to grow because he was a triplet. Give him some time :)

    Love the name, btw. Paramore's good. :D
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    I agree ..with the others.... all are factors.... :wink: :greengrin:

    If you can send in a fecal........ that would let you know......... if cocci may be there or worms...
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    I agree with toth, running a fecal is your first priority. HE is really small for his age. Even a slow to catch up should be bigger then that.
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    well that said, my doe Harmony was a triplet, she had cryptosporidiosis as a baby and she was always small. For her first year she was tiny. However now, at almost 3 years old she is just as big as any of the other goats- it just took her much longer to get there.
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    I also have a story ike that- One of our triplets-Brownie was only 45 pounds at a year old-It took her till 3 years old to finally catch up to her siblings-now she is a great sized goat..

    Also what I have found out around here-some of the boer bloodlines- Like for instance-My buck Brady- off of Powell Holman genetics-His sire throws awesome does that grow fast-but the bucks grow VERY SLOW and top out HUGE-usually over 300 pounds..He weighed 100 pounds when he died from listeriosis at 1 year old. His sire just turned 3 and is at 325 pounds.

    Our other buck is off of Ryals genetics (RRD) is 8 months old and weighs at least 145 pounds-with those genetics-they grow super fast, and show well-but top out around 200 -250 pounds.

    Riot-is he registered? and what bloodline does he have- i may be able to do some research...
  8. You have some very good info. As for a fecal etc, almost any vet can do that. Cover your basis just in case but truth be told more then likly he was the runt.

    I have posted on to thred not too long ago on runts. Do a search and it should come up.

    Hope all comes out in the end for you.
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    He has those genetics! I'll post his breeders website: