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I have seen a post where someone was worried that bottle feeding was a 'bad' thing. And I wanted to reassure anyone new that it is perfectly OK.!!! :)
I knew right away that I wanted to bottle-feed my babies.
And here are just SOME of the reasons why I decided to bottle feed all my kids this spring.... There are more, but these are the most important ones... :)

1) I wanted the babies to be bonded with me, not with other goats.

2) I wanted to make sure the babies would be SUPER human friendly! Friendlier babies are easier to sell :)

2) I wanted to keep my doe's udder in perfect condition. We had a doe who freshened 4 times before we got her, and her udder was a MESS. The babies preferred one side, so one teat was REALLY small. The udder also had lumps in there from the babies being so rough on it when they 'bumped' her, and that made it harder to milk her...

4) It was still VERY cold here when the babies arrived, so the babies were living in the garage until it warmed up, and I couldn't keep the adult does in there. Not enough room.

5) I wanted to know how much milk my does were producing.

6) I wanted to make sure that each baby gets enough milk every day. :)

7) I wanted to be able to control, with ease, when the babies would be weaned.

8) I learned that administering certain medicine is MUCH easier in a bottle! :)

What are some of the reasons why YOU guys decided to bottle-feed?
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