Recommended GOAT oriented and experienced Vets in your given state. (LIST)

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    Aug 18, 2013
    Hey All,

    I have a good friend who is a Vet (Veterinarian) and I completely trust him with my beloved Springer Spaniel. However, I asked him some goat related questions and he was willing to give things a try but the reality is he is more of a small animal vet and less so a large animals or farm animal vet.

    So...I thought it might be nice to make a list here of any recommended GOAT oriented and experienced Vets in your given state. That way, if there others that need a GOAT oriented Vet in your area or while traveling, they can find one quickly. We can then build a database of Veterinarians that both specialized and are experienced with goats but particularly whethers which is a growing business segment for them with the advent of working goats. Hopefully we can come up with at least 4-5 per state which should cover most areas. I am also all for rewarding competent doctors with additional business if they are willing to specialize in our chosen pack animals. Make sense?

    Please list their name and contact info and any pertinent details. Please put the full name of the state in the subject and the post so that it becomes searchable within the thread.


  2. TDG-Farms

    TDG-Farms Dave (TDG Farms) S.E. Washington State

    Jul 12, 2013
    Dr. Matthew (Matt) Fulwell (Sageview Veterinary Services, PLLC). Located in Prosser, Washington. Contact: [email protected]

    By far the best vet I have ever had the pleasure knowing. He is a mobile livestock vet that is highly competent and confident. If he doesnt know for sure about something, he has direct numbers to his professors at WSU and isnt afraid to consult with them.

  3. TOU

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    Aug 18, 2013
    Nice start Dave...excellent.


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    Dec 15, 2012
    For Utah:

    Gary R Gowans
    Countryside Animal Clinic
    254 So Main
    Tooele UT 84074

    This was the vet Clay of High Uinta Pack Goats used when he lived in Utah. I've had good experiences with this guy and he charges a very reasonable price compared to other local vets.
  5. Huckleberry

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    Mar 11, 2010
    We live in Cowlitz county and have used Valley Vet located in Rainier, Oregon, 1-503-556-3084. Dr. VandeBergh is who has treated our goats. They took care of our boy we lost to UC and I was very impressed with how knowledgeable they were in that area and with goats in general.
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    Jun 8, 2011
    The Caine Center‎

    You need to get a vet to give you a referral; they won't see you without it. But they are amazing if you can get in.

    Canyon County Idaho
  7. Dwite Sharp

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    Jun 2, 2012
    Caprine Specialist

    Dr. Deb Mangelsdorf, has owned large quantities of goats her whole life, has traveled the world teaching others about goats, and lives and breaths goat!
    This Lady is the Real Thing ---- A Caprine Specialist ---- She doesn't fall for old wives tails and rumors, only the Facts. After over 1,000 wethers I've still never seen U.C. thanks to her factual advise more than 15 yrs. ago. She's not only a good friend she's the "BEST".

    Dr. Deb Mangeldorf, Konza Vet. Clinic, Manhattan, Kansas
  8. Bwana Ken

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    May 9, 2011
    For anyone who lives in E. Washington or N. Idaho it's hard to find a better place to take your goats for medical treatment than the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Pullman, WA. They have a VERY extensive large animal hospital (they had an MRI machine several years before any of the regional hospitals) and some of the most knowledgeable veterinarians in the country. Many of you around the country already know about WADDL (Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory), which is co-located with the teaching hospital, where you send in your blood samples to have your goats tested for CL and CAE.

    Interestingly, their prices for large animal care are very competitive (unlike what they charge for small animal care). I'm lucky enough to work a five minute walk from the hospital, but I would still use them even if I had to drive several hours.

  9. Deschutes Dawn

    Deschutes Dawn deschutes dawn

    Sep 23, 2013
    Bend OR
    In central Oregon the go to vet for goats is Jennifer Cole, 541-382-0184 on Pinehurst Rd, Bend OR. She has a market meat herd of approximately 400 (!) goats and has been breeding for a grass fed only sizeable meat animal. She also has developed her own mineral mix specifically for goats. My little gang thrives on it. Her husband used to be a guide and outfitter with horses and mules but they are both all for pack goats. Both of them were bowhunters at one time so us hunter/packers are a great match. I wouldn't take my herd to anyone else. I am soooo lucky to have her around.
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    Aug 18, 2013
    Excellent people...lets keep going there are still several states to go...I would like to see at least one from every state. (I guess Hawaii could be an exception, does anyone know any one who pack goats on Kona?)

    If there is anyone in Canada, feel free to post them as well. A little off topic, but speaking of which, anyone ever cross the boarder with their goats? How is it to do this? Are they welcome in their parks?
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    Aug 18, 2013
    I came across this list from another Goat sight and a recommended goat Vet list.

    Athens, Georgia:

    Debra and Michael Dzimianski
    South Jackson Veterinary Services
    Can make farm calls

    Lisa Williamson
    Large Animal Medicine
    University of Georgia Vet School
    Can make farm calls

    Charlotte Hall, MD:

    Chris Runde, DVM
    Jennifer Tacia, DVM
    Rania Lisas, DVM
    *Tidewater Vet Hospital*
    Makes farm calls

    Wayne, West Virginia

    Dr. Brown
    Farm and House Calls
    Wal Mart Plz, Wayne
    (304) 272-6200

    This guy is awesome.

    Dr. Martin
    Honea Path Animal Hospital
    135 N. Main St
    Honea Path, SC 29654

    This guy is great and offers a wide range of services.

    Roseville, IL (Not too far from Burlington IA, Macomb & Galesburg, IL)
    Dr. Raymond Huston
    Dr. Luke Deverell

    Huston Vet Clinic
    500 Il-116
    Roseville, IL 61473
    (309) 426-2419

    The have large animal facilities on site & will do barn calls. Great experience with Dr. Luke & have a friend with goats & sheep who highly recommends him & Dr. Huston as well (came out to pull a kid for her). When I call with questions the Dr. gets back to me right away & was very knowledgeable about doe care during pregnancy & the local specifics about mineral deficiencies.

    I was SO happy to find this practice after a few years of trying vets who didn't care to waste time on me since my animals are "just goats" and not high dollar horses or champion bulls. (edited to add that they do work on those, too)

    I love these vets!

    Center Hill Veterinary Clinic
    11644 State Road 23
    Darlington, WI 53530

    Christine Fortin DVM and B.J. Jones DVM are the practice owners and are large-animal practitioners. Our favorite though is Meghan Ritchie DVM for her love of small ruminants. They all do goats and sheep as well as horses and dairy and beef cattle. There is a part-time person, Cheryl Loken DVM, for the small-animal clinic.

    This is dairy goat country. The receptionist, Tracy Graham, has started milking her own herd. They live about a mile from us.

    Dr. Harper
    Dover, DE.
    Forrest Ave. Animal Hospital

    Will make farm calls or bring your goat to the clinic! Pricey, but she's GOOD. Treated my goat on a Sunday with just a history, no exam; got her through Listeriosis and KNEW THE DIFFERENCE between Polio/Listeriosis and asked all the right questions about age, breed, etc. Knows to give meds Sub-Q, knows goat metabolism, etc.

    Didn't use her long before we moved, but was impressed with first & second contacts....(and she saved my dog's life with a major surgery, too)

    Bridger Veteranary Hospital
    Keith Stav DVM, Steve Sekerak DVM
    3104 Green Meadow Dr. Helena, MT

    They don't do farm calls, but someone always is available 24 hours a day for you to bring goats in or give feedback via the phone. This is the clinic I've used the longest. They are good with C sections, prolapse, hypocalcemia, know how to float teeth and best of all, will sell goat breeders bottles of the meds we need for our goats. Prices are reasonable.

    Western Veterinary Service
    Dr. Tebay
    Whitehall, MT
    They do farm calls and you can also bring goats to the office. This vet is willing to teach goat owners how to do things such as drawing blood. He was really on top of it in diagnosing pneumonia in a doe not showing typical symptoms. They do accurate fecals. He's also willing to sell meds. Prices are reasonable.

    Central Virginia:

    B.J. Campbell, DVM
    Hanover Veterinary Services
    16033 Hatch Thompson Road
    Montpelier, VA 23192
    (804) 883-5822

    Dr. Campbell and her associates do goats, llama, alpacas and cows. She's very knowledgeable and friendly and her farm calls are an educational experience. We're lucky to have her!

    Tipton Veterinary Clinic
    Dr. David Yundt
    750 W Jefferson St
    Tipton IN 46072

    VIP Animal Care
    Jerry Flanders, DVM
    2355 Pleasant St
    Noblesville IN 46060

    Farm calls available with both vets, based on locale and vet availability. We prefer Dr. Yundt, as he is cheaper and his bedside manner is more consistent and better... Dr. Flanders can be a bit abrasive, but that is not always a bad thing if he's fighting for your goat's life.

    Ocoee animal hospital
    Blue Ridge, Georgia
    Dr. Garry Day
    This is the most knowledgeable one I have found around here for goats and sheep.

    Like Charlotte would spin " One Amazing Vet" He knows his stuff with all animals large and small. He works with lots of goats, horses, alpacas, cattle, etc., etc.

    Dr. Rob Moore
    Agassiz Animal Clinic
    7th St.
    Flagstaff, AZ 86004

    Dr Keith Miller
    Hilltop Veterinary Clinic
    (641) 464-2224
    501 S Henderson Dr
    Mt Ayr, IA 50854

    I just started using Doc Miller, but what I've seen so far is good. He did a great disbudding job on our four kids, castrated (elastrator) the buckling, sold me injectables.

    He knows goats and goat nutrition, and trusts you to know your goats, too.

    So far, so good.

    Dr Debbie Samhouri, Elizabeth CO.


    Does barn calls. Knows goats, raises her own Nubians, Boers and Suffolk cross sheep, also does bunnies, dogs and cats. She is a god send, will talk you through things via phone, come to your house in a blizzard and get you the meds you need for your goats. Very reasonably priced too.

    Piedmont, NC, Stokes & Rockingham county

    Latitude 36 Mobile Veterinary
    1099 Latitude Thirty-Six Drive,
    Walnut Cove, NC 27052-5823 (336) 593-5422

    Pembroke Animal Hospital
    13 Sheep Davis Road
    Pembroke, NH 03275
    (fax) 603-228-9378

    Five veterinarians and they schedule farm visits. I've been delighted with their expertise relative to my goats. Apparently lots of experience with midwestern goat and sheep farms.

    NW corner of Ohio

    Dr. Paul French
    Northwest Veterinary Hospital
    3491 State Hwy 108
    Wauseon, OH 43567
    (419) 337-0015

    Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri:
    8:00am to 5:30pm
    Thursday: Closed
    Saturday: 8:00am to Noon

    South Indianapolis:
    Hillview Veterinary Clinic, LLC
    1761 Thornburg Lane
    Franklin, IN 46131
    (317) 736-8880

    Great service, treats all sorts of species.

    Triangle Veterinary Clinic
    1312 S. Pinckney St.
    Union, SC 29379

    Dr. James Grantham, DVM

    Moved from Alabama in June (where we left our beloved Vet) to Simpsonville, SC. Had some struggles with the transition to the new pastures. Our goats got worm infested FAST. We lost a young doe and almost lost our best milker. Used the only recommended "Farm Vets" around and they nearly bankrupted us in two months with their outrageous fees, the fecals they did were "normal". Finally I had a very difficult interaction with the one Vet and decided that we needed a new Vet. The Lord provided Dr. Grantham. He came to the farm right away. He was reasonably priced and he knew exactly what to do. Very knowledgeable about SC and its soil deficiencies. Our girl made it and I credit his fast action and knowledge base. He has a lovely staff and he lives in Woodruff, SC and makes farm calls over to Simpsonville and the Greenville area.

    He treat all animals: goats, cows, pigs, etc.

    I will recommend Odessa Animal Clinic
    (866) 944-9948 -
    100 W Main St,
    Odessa, MO, 64076

    Dr. Peddicord is the one that I delt with and he did great for me and my saanen goat.[ame=""]YouTube[/ame]

    Dr Benny Moore
    342 N Orchard Rd
    Salem, IN 47167
    (812) 883-3666

    Great vet, inexpensive, and makes barn calls. Saved my goat when we found out the hard way he was allergic to peanuts, then saved my little dog when she got into mouse poison.

    Valley View Veterinary Clinic
    Dr. Gary Lewis
    2355 Beryl Avenue
    Twin Falls, ID 83301-7904
    (208) 734-7966

    Gary is just great with our goats, horses and pets. Highly suggest him for anyone in this area.

    Dr. Lynn OR Dr. Ringer (Both know goats)
    7061 Hwy 280E
    Reidsville, GA

    Dr. Angie McDaniel (Can't recommend others in the group)
    Branch Vets
    Tifton, GA

    Enoch Veterinary Clinic
    1112 Hartsville Pike
    Gallatin, TN 37066

    Both Dr. Enoch and Dr. Gentry are amazing. They will sell you whatever meds you need and go out of their way to be helpful. They both have wonderful personalities and will do barn calls.

    Dr. Marjorie Lewter
    Blacksburg, VA area

    Marge is also trained in holistic and homeopathic medicine as well as acupuncture. Pretty easy to get ahold of (though she is a single practitioner). Prices are lowest of the three vet practices in my area, and I feel like the best all-around service. One word - she does not always present herself extremely well, she seems kind of introverted and really reserved particularly on the phone, so if you call to schedule an appt. she might not sound like someone you want to have out to work on your treasured animals but I will assure you she knows what she is doing, and does her job well. She is primarily a horse vet but has owned a few goats herself in the past.

    Also Dr. Jason Wall in Christiansburg - used him once or twice, seems pretty knowledgeable. Another goat breeder uses him and likes him a bit more than Dr. Lewter.

    Dr. Gregory
    Columbus Vet Care
    206 w county rd
    Columbus, Kansas

    Awsome goat vet (he raises goats too) been going to him for years now and he is great and knows his stuff. he is allso good with any other animal we have taken to him. Cant say enough great things about him, i have several goats who owe their lives to him. Worth the drive for a good vet!!!

    Near Charlotte, NC-

    Dr. Featherstone - wonderful man, goes above and beyond, makes farm calls and helped us out more than once. All of the large animal vets have been great-have never dealt with any small animal vets at this location.

    South Ridge Veterinary Hospital
    1920 South Ridge Avenue
    Kannapolis, NC 28083
    United States
    Phone: 704-933-1414
    Fax: 704-933-1740
    [email protected]

    Holistic Vet-about an hour from Charlotte, NC- he raises dairy goats.

    Dr. Roger L. DeHaan, DVM, MTS
    105 Police Club Drive
    Kings Mountain, NC 28086
    Tel/Fax 704-734-0061

    Woddington Veterinary
    Dr. Matt Woodington
    Eagle, Idaho

    Copy and pasted from my vets page. He is by far the best in the area, he covers Southern WI Northern IL.

    Dr. Chris Duemler
    Education: B.S. University of Missouri - Columbia
    D.V.M. UM Columbia
    Career: 35 years
    Emphasis: Cattle, Goats, Horses, and Pigs
    Notes Owns goats, dogs, cats, and snake

    Brodhead Veterinary
    Medical Center
    W1175 State Road 11-81
    Brodhead, WI 53520

    Phone: 608-897-8632
    Fax: 608-897-2321

    Monday: 8:00 - 5:00
    Tuesday: 8:00 - 6:00
    Wednesday: 8:00 - 5:00
    Thursday: 8:00 - 5:00
    Friday: 8:00 - 5:00
    Saturday: 8:00 - 1:00
    24hr emergency service

    This guy is well known around here, but if you're new to the area or goats I'm posting this for you:

    South Fork Veterinary Clinic
    Dr Patrick Roden
    1035 St Hwy 508
    Chehalis, WA 98532

    large and small animals, will make farm calls
    He has helped us with our cattle, goats, sheep and rabbit. Very reasonable rates, he came out and wormed, vaccinated and trimmed hooves on 7 goats and 2 sheep and the total charge was $136. He also has special formulations of minerals for our area that he tries to keep in stock.

    Louisa Veterinary Service
    Dr. Kate Hussman
    Dr. Melinda McCall
    P.O. Box 492
    Louisa, VA 23093
    (540) 967-2974

    They travel to many neighboring counties, and are both wonderful and very knowledgeable.

    Animals treated include horses, cows, sheep, goats, hogs and farm dogs.

    Dr. Jim Henderson DVM
    Fairmont, WV

    House/Farm Calls

    Peticote Veterinary Clinic, L.L.C.
    221 Newbolds Corner RD
    Southhampton, NJ 08088

    Phone: 609-859-8800
    Fax: 609 859 8785

    For Arizona, I recommend

    Casa Grande Animal Hospital
    1645 N Pinal Avenue
    Casa Grande, AZ 85122

    Dr. Metcalf, Dr. Nelson and Dr. Brown all know goats reasonably well. I don't know their other vets well enough to say. Their website ( only mentions small animals but they do livestock and exotics also. They also take in injured wildlife. They can be a little pricey, but they know what they are doing and they're always very concerned about the animal's welfare.

    They also have evening hours until 9 PM on weekdays and 6 PM on Saturday.

    F. Garrett Edwards, DVM
    Smithfield, VA

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    Aug 18, 2013
    Now that we have integrated over to The Goat Spot from the PackGoatForum, I think it is time we revisit this & hopefully add to OUR list.
  13. Wild Hearts Ranch

    Wild Hearts Ranch

    Dec 26, 2011
    Plateau Veterinary Clinic, Enumclaw WA (360) 825-1919

    Two vets on staff, one is more experienced with goats but either will treat them. Reasonably priced and willing to give advice over the phone.
  14. TOU

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    Aug 18, 2013
    Anymore to add folks?
  15. liz

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Shelocta PA
    I don't have pack goats but do have a vet that I use.
    Kittanning, PA
    Dr. Isenberg is one of the vets practicing there that also has goats himself.
    Dr. Jenkins has been here on farm calls also.
  16. Crystal

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    Jan 20, 2013
    Here is one for Arizona. You can go to his home or he is mobile. He lives west of Phoenix. I know he comes out to Tonopah & I have a friend in East Valley he drives out to.
    He does farm animals/meat animals. I know several goat owners that use him & like him. He has also treated my friends pot belly pig.
    He does have a hearing impairment. I text or email.
    Dr. Holmes 480-452-4974
  17. SunnydaleBoers

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    Jul 28, 2012
    She's also an excellent small animal vet, we've taken our cats/dogs there over the years. As Dwite said, she's very knowledgeable, not full of BS, and understands production agriculture- this isn't a vet that's going to give you grief when you're not willing to spend $500 to heal a $50 market kid.
  18. Scottyhorse

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    A few more for WA-(Don't have the phone numbers handy)

    Willipa Veterinary, Raymond, WA
    Dr. Olsen is a really nice guy, when we still lived over there I would volunteer a few times a month. He and the staff took me in and taught me so much. We have found that for goat related things he's better for basic stuff, but a really good vet otherwise. Will make farm calls and emergency calls.

    Cascade West, Chehalis, WA
    Have had very good experiences with them... One of my does was sick. Took her in, got some med (some antibiotics, wormers, etc) whole thing, including vet visit was $55, and phone support. Would suggest them to everybody who lives in that area.

    Associated Veterinary, Walla Walla, WA
    These guys pretty much saved our pygmy doe after she ruptured her uterus during labor and went septic. The team worked so hard around the clock to save her, we cant thank them enough. We've taken the goats there a few times, and every time they are just great. They see every type of animal. They don't have a goat specific vet, but the vets there do know their stuff and will do as mush research as they need to help you. Can't recommend them enough!
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    Nov 29, 2013
    My wonderful most patient kindness vet.
    Dr Paul Johnson
    480 east main st
    Middletown NY 10940
    845 343 9888
    Thursdays he shuts his office and does strictly farm animals. He makes all his house calls on Thursdays. And let me say when you have an emergency dr Johnson will come to your house as soon as he can!!!
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    Washington State
    GOAT Oriented Vets

    I'd like to see this topic have its own header for quick reference. It is SO important to have a knowledgeable GOAT vet both at home and on the road.

    Thanks for starting this topic TOU.