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I think the reason why there are so many different dimensions as recommended is because there are many different factors. For the goats that are basically living in doors are going to need more room then the ones that are only living there part time.
I have 6 12X20 car ports for my goats and I’m cutting down on my numbers but I have had up to 70 full sized goats and their kids......please don’t make me do math on how many square feet that is per goat lol but I have very mild winters so they only go in at night to sleep and when it’s raining, we only average 18” a year in rain so they are out WAY more then in. I also dont have feeders in their shelters which it’s the feeders that cause my bullies to be winches. So I can definitely get away with less room then someone that lives where these is very harsh winters
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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