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Unfortunately I can't keep them all.. Two show and milk potential doelings! :)

Whistle Creek SP Golden Delite AGS/ADGA/NDGA
This girl is an extremely dairy and angular doeling with nice width between her hocks. She is sharp over the withers with tight shoulders with a level topline and rump. She is also long with lots of width! Delite's dam has a very good udder attachment, being especially smooth in the fore udder. The mammary systems in Delite's pedigree are impressive so I expect good things from this beautiful girl!

SS: Brush Creek RBL Insandrashonor
Sire: KW Farms SH Sandra's Pride
SD: Camanna PL Electra Blue
DS: Poppy Patch CB Duke of Cadbury
Dam: Diji Farm DC Meditrina
DD: Lukalah Farm HJ Saothar Rose'

Her dam was a first freshener and I am very pleased with her mammary system!
This girl will be a great addition to any herd and she has the looks and the genetics!
Asking $350
Shipping Options Available
Photo is of dams FF udder 3 weeks fresh 12hrs full!
UPDATE dam placed 1st & 2nd at the RVDGA doe show


Whistle Creek SP Malibu Barbie
This girl will be a wonderful addition to any herd!
Born 3/8/13 he will be ready middle of May for her new home.
She has some great genetics be hind her! Has some old foundation bloodlines with lots of milk and show potential! Barbie is gorgeous and flashy! She has very good conformation too.
Her dam is my best milker! Lots of compacity and easy to milk teats milking about 4lbs a day!
Registered ADGA/AGS/NDGA

SS: Brush Creek RBL Insandrashonor
Sire: KW Farms SH Sandra's Pride
SD: Camanna PL Electra Blue
DS: Celtic Stars Tiger's Java Jolt
Dam: Northern Fork JJ Shining Star
DD: D&D Tiny Toes KB Shining Doll

Comes from CAE/CL free herd
Shipping options are available
Asking $350
UPDATE dam placed 2nd 2X at the RVDGA doe show AOP class against a huge Oberhasli and several ND does!


More about dams & sire on my website
Sire of both doelings has a lovely show record and LA scores!

PACKAGE DEAL $600 for both need to move them out ASAP to make room!
Email me for more information or photos


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