Reg. Nigerian Doe Kid, Nice Conformation, Milk Potential-OR

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    Unfortunately, the gal who reserved Claribelle's doeling over a year ago has had some financial problems so this doeling is available to a good home, ready to wean in a couple of weeks.

    Sire: Camanna ZH Red Robin Haze
    SS: Old Mountain Farm Zagnut Haze
    SD: CH Camanna MM Bianca

    Dam: Camanna TI Claribelle
    DS: Rosasharn Tiger I (Tiger L son)
    DD: Camanna ZH Mercedes Gold

    This pairing was a little intentional line-breeding on those superb Rosasharn genetics. Claribelle is a little powerhouse milker with great conformation (although tends to put on weight easily). She'll be shown once this year (next month) and we're excited to see how she does. She milks like a dream with wide open orifices and long, steady lactation periods.

    Adalyne is disbudded and super healthy. Mom and herd-mates tested negative for CAE this year (June testing) and all other years we have tested. Adalyne has not had coccidia and is growing very well. Provided her new owners continue to care for her properly she'll likely be ready to breed around 8 months to kid as a yearling. She likely has moon spots which a clip job will reveal - I can't tell for sure if they are. If I could change anything I would give her a little longer neck. She's pretty gorgeous though!

    Asking $350 - $25 discount to TGS members!

    Photo taken today: