Reg. Nigerian Dwarf Blue-Eyed Buckling - NW OR

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    VERY handsome buckling with blue eyes is offered for sale to a great home.

    Capriola RB Cobalt Blue
    Born 12/9/09 - ready for his new home next week!
    Sire: Camanna LK Royal Blue
    SS: NC PromisedLand HS Lion King
    SD: CH Camanna FD Tasonni Blue

    Dam: Maple Breeze Sassafras
    DS: OTR Magic's Harlequin
    DD: Inavale Annie Oakley

    If you are looking to improve teat size, placement, fore udders, attachments, capacity, and just overall dairy conformation, this is the fellow for your herd! :) His dam has a lovely productive udder that is VERY easy to milk. Photos below do not do it justice. It is 12 hours of milk at about 30 days fresh, not fully clipped as she kidded in the winter and it was so cold.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "Coby" is very correct, dairy, refined with a wide set to his rear legs, tight toes and straight legs. I find it very hard to fault him but for him to be perfect, he could have just a little more length to his neck, maybe 1/2 inch or so. :) He is a flashy broken chamoisee, so color is not lacking.

    Asking $250 -- he does have small scurs. ADGA/AGS registerable, applications included in sale. He will be tattooed and UTD on de-worming, selenium, etc. We do not vaccinate our goats but can do so at request.
    He will be castrated the 16th and available as a wether for $100.

    Photos taken at two weeks of age:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This pasture photo taken last week:

    His dam's udder is NOT full in this photo but you can get an idea of it. She is getting up in years (7 years) and still has the same attachment as a young doe.

    We also have a "buckling" (his testicles did not descend) that would be a great companion available for $25.
    All of the kids we've had born this winter are healthy and hardy - not a single problem with cocci in any of them. They are all growing very well and I have no doubt this fellow will be ready to breed does in another couple months or so. He is already trying! ;)
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    :drool: He's gorgeous! Good luck selling him, I'm sure he'll go fast :D

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    Congrats on the sale! :thumb: