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Triple Reg
Diji S Annie's Glory
Annie had just been milked out in her photo..
Annie has sharp, tight shoulders and a nice rear leg set with plenty of angulation. Her body is long, level, and has plenty of width and depth. I also have no complaints about Annie's feet and legs, and to top it all off she has a beautiful head! I really hate to sell Annie but I need to cut my numbers down and I have her dam. Annie is a very lovely doe who has lots of potential!
I only have one photo of her mammary system and it doesn't do her justice! She was barely 10 hours full and had only been fresh for 1 week. I see lots of milk and show potential in this girl! Her mammary will improve.. She has a lovely attachment, medial line, compasity, and her teat size was getting larger as I milked her more! She is milk stand trained and leads.
Annie does jump so a suitable fence is needed.
Comes from CAE/CL free herd
Shipping options are available
Priced to sell quickly!
Asking: $275
Annie has been exposed to triple reg moonspotted cou clair buck!
Annie's granddam and aunt are both SG designation and her aunt appraised at an EVEE90 this year.
Pictured 1 - Annie
Picture 2 - Circus buck exposed to
Picture 3 - daughter of Annie and Circus from 2013


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