Regional/State specific areas?

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    Hi, I'm VERY new here so I don't know if I've really earned the right to make suggestions, but I've been in a few online forums of various themes/topics and some of the most useful areas to me were Regional or state-specific areas. Let's see if I can adequately explain this...

    The idea was that you'd have main regional areas like "Northwest, Northeast, Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, UK, AU" etc... then within those areas you could have state-specific(in the US anyway) topics. This would allow people in various areas to find other goat people near them, arrange possible meet ups/ mentorships/ just local issue chat. It could also be good for people wanting to buy/sell more locally to minimalize shipping costs or allow them to check in/see their former kids once in a while.

    I hope I explained that semi-decently...
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    Oct 4, 2007
    well we already have groups set up that you can join that are region specific (north east, south east, south central etc)

    and then we have the Breeder Listing area -- where there is listing by State

    We also have the Transport Terminal where people will note when they are going through certain areas and can be a transport for goats along that route (or if you are looking for someone possibly making a trip/transport).

    And then there is the PM feature where you can send Private messages to those you wish to gain more contact with. (you need 25 posts for me to unlock this feature)

    I cant see the usefulness at this point for enlarging the board to create this new category that may or may not be active. But I will think on it.

    Right now the boards main goal is to help people to chit chat about goats and gain knowledge from other breeders and not to create segregated areas and "clicks." And honestly I like it that I dont have to interact with people on the board who I will interact with in the show ring. THis is like my get away special place. ITs nice to meet people on here but I like the separation it has afforded me from my own goat club members in the NJ and surrounding states area.