Where does the time go?? Beautiful Koh is approaching three months of age, and is ready to find his new home. 🥰 I think he’s turning out really nice! Thought I’d offer him here before putting up my regular ad, in case any of you wonderful people are looking for a Mini Nubian boy.

Asking $250 OBO (TGS special) if he goes as an intact buck. Fair warning - I still have to get his mama’s registration done 😅 so if you want him as a breeding buck there might be a little wait for the paperwork, depending on how organized the MDGA is this year lol. I’ll knock the price down to $200 if someone wants him as an unpapered wether. He’s pretty friendly and would probably make a great pet/companion.
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He loves people and really likes human attention. Sometimes he can be a bit too friendly/obnoxious (chewing our hair, trying to climb up our legs, etc.), but we’ve been working with him a lot and he’s getting much better.

Really pleased with his mama’s udder this year (this was her second freshening) and he’s got nice udders behind him on his dad’s side too. IMO he hit the genetic jackpot for breed character - he’s got really nice Nubian features for a second gen boy!

Will add pictures of mom and dad below.