registered ND bucklings for sale in Wisconsin

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    Nov 22, 2007
    I have just two bucklings left for sale out of some fabulous dairy lines. Both are near perfect in conformation and have the udder genetics to back it up.
    There is nothing about either of these bucks that I don't like!
    Both have been bottle raised on pasturized milk.

    Buckling #1 is a true chocolate with a white patch on his side. His sire finished in his first 4 trips into the show ring and his dam has consistantly placed at the very top of her classes and was classified with 89 points under one of AGS's toughest classifiers.
    Sire: MCH Kaapio Acres Remington
    (PGCH Brush Creek Smoking Gun x CH/MCH/PGCH Kaapio Acres Reds Scarlet)
    Dam: Brush Creek Moire'
    (Caesar's Villa Adonis *S x Brush Creek Satin)

    Buckling #2 is white with frosted brown markings and moon spots. I really, really would like to keep him myself, but with 8 bucks to my 20 does, I simply can't justify it!
    Sire: Brush Creek Legend
    (grand son to the legendary ARMCH Buttin Heads Wedding Song 3*D)
    (ButtinHeads Red Branch Legend x Jeanne's Jewel Opal)
    Dam: MCH Black Locust Porchia
    (Caesar's Villa Adonis *S x Brush Creek Weed Patch)
    Porchia is a phenominal milker and has an extremely impressive show record as well. More importantly, she is passing those gorgeous udder genetics on to her kids!

    Both boys, parents, g-parents and extended pedigrees can be viewed at
    Let me know if you have any questions about either of these boys. I'm always happy to talk goats LOL!