Registered Nigerian Doe kids in NJ

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    Oct 4, 2007
    These are owned by Reluctant Acres who I bought my Jitterbug from.

    I am waiting on the pedigree information. But their sire is the same as Jitterbug's (Reluctant Acres Hope )

    This is so far the information she has given me.

    For how they are related to my Hope (Jitterbug)
    She is still working on the pedigrees

    I can provide transport to the TN area for 50.00 and if I have to stray off course I will but may need to charge extra for the gas.

    I couldnt be happier with my doe from Reluctant Acres. She is beautiful to look at, wide in the rear with nice straight front legs. Her only fault is that she is a slow grower. So just some ideas to think about to consider these does.