We are selling one of our in milk does and three bucklings. ADGA registered, and all of the bucklings are gorgeous! They are so sweet, I wish I could keep them, but we cannot keep bucks­čś×. Buckling's sire is polled and blue-eyed. The herd tested negative for all major goat diseases. All are very people friendly and easy to handle.

Shooting Star: Gives a lot of milk, is pretty easy to milk, and gave birth to two healthy twin boys without any problems. Dark brown and white.

Tussle: Horned, amber eyes, gorgeous white, gray, black, and beige coat! He loves people, always comes right up to the fence when we pass by and enjoys being the center of attention. He has a twin brother (we sold him).

Calvin: White, beige, and black coat, disbudded, amber eyes. Calvin follows me around the yard. He loves people so much. All he wants is a bit of love! Calvin is a quad of two boys (Calvin and Hobbes) and two girls (Wonder and Diamond)

Hobbes: Black, beige, and white coat, disbudded, blue eyes. Hobbes is so sweet and cute! He loves being pet and played with! Hobbes is a quad of two boys (Calvin and Hobbes) and two girls (Wonder and Diamond)

All goats are super desensitized to people and not at all skittish! They have good genes and are so pretty! I would prefer to sell Shooting Star and her son together

Discounts available depending on who/how many you buy
You can either contact me on the forum or at 856-291-1873. Message or WhatsApp work best.
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