Registered Nubian buckling and others - North Idaho

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    I have quite a few goats that I am looking at selling. All are CAE/CL/Johnes Negative with bloodwork in hand - current on vaccines, hoof trims, worming, and cocci prevention.

    Willing to give multiple purchase discounts!!!

    SLR L Monster Roadster - ADGA registered Nubian Buckling - DOB 10 August 2009 - tri-colored. Has had bottles and nurses dam - VERY friendly. Disbudded, cocci preventative, and will have vaccines this weekend. Sire's Dam is an ADGA ELITE doe!!!

    Dora - Alpine with a hint of? - This is/was our family milker - not currently in milk - exposed to Nubian buck in the month of August - unknown if bred. EASY EASY milker and gives a great amount of yummy milk!

    Nova - Alpine / Boer - daughter of Dora - DOB 1 Mar 09 - sweet girl

    Sherbert - NMGA registered Nigerian Dwarf - DOB May 08 - tiny tiny girl

    Lola - Boer/Sanaan - partially blind - sweet girl. have milked her after freshnings! Gave single doeling 2 years in a row - DOB June 06

    Might also be willing to sell a couple of my registered Nigerian adult does and Nigerian Buck - Blue.....

    You can see pictures of everyone on the website at If you have any questions - please feel free to contact me at [email protected]