registering new bucklings ang tagging questions

Discussion in 'Meat Market' started by Maggie, Mar 19, 2011.

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    Just a couple quick questions. We just bought a doe with 2 bucklings. The seller had marked on the papers that they were twins, but they were actually triplets (one doeling did not make it). Shouldn't they still be registered as being triplets even though one did not survive?
    They were also not tagged. I checked into PA requirements for tagging, apparently they do not need to be tagged as long as they are tattooed and their papers with proper identification are present when transporting them. I still plan on ordering scrapie tags for the rest of the kids we are expecting this year, can I go ahead and tag these buckling with our own tags?
    Does ABGA require animals to be tagged to be shown?
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    I would say they would still be registered as can still use your own tags for identification purposes on your farm if you want to...not sure on ABGA since I sold most of my registered stock but if you look at the registration application it doesnt ask for a tag number just tattoo info so I would say no

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    Yes....the breeder should of put triplets....

    tagging is optional.... if the goat is registered do not need scrapies the tattoo... is the way ..they tell where they came from....

    It is the unregistered animals... that need the scrapies tags....when you sell them or take them to auction....

    You can buy sheep type tags...
    . ... EkQ8wIwAg# and right in the number to match the ear number...make sure it is written on the registration form... if you want them do not need the scrapies tags... if you tattooed the animals and register them ...

    just for field identification...use the sheep tags... If you want to use the scrapies tags instead.. you can...if you rather use them....

    No... as I mentioned above is long as they are registered and tattooed that is all you need.... the tattoo's.. must match with the registration...