rejecting one of her kids

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    Mar 11, 2011
    Hi. Our lovely Betty has just had two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy is fit and healthy but the girl much smaller and weaker. Betty is lovely with her boy, but pushes the girl away. She gets fretful if we move the boy away for a few seconds, but is not bothered if we do the same with the girl. We have to hold her to get her to let the girl feed, whereas the boy just goes any time he likes. Will Betty get over this or can you advise what we need to do to get her to bond with her daughter please? :hair:
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    Give the kid a Bo-Se shot ...vit E and nutradrench..

    Make sure...momma isn't to tight in the udder.. on the side are trying to feed the Doeling from....sometimes.. that can cause a Doe.. not to stay still.. it hurts.. so milking out some ...will help....give the kid colostrum first... take a 12cc syringe.. no needle and milk some into it and very slowly feed it to the the back corner of her mouth... head level and breaks in between..... to insure ...she gets her colostrum...

    Tie mom up ...head snug up to a post or? the side you will be working from....tie up that back leg.... so she cannot kick the kid or move around.....put the baby on her.....if she acts up..... a light open hand smack in front of the udder/belly area...helps sometimes and say "quit"..... You may have to do this for a while... until she takes that baby....go out every couple of hours or so.....and tie up mom....if she at any point ...stops fighting... try her with the baby.. without tying up her leg.... give her a treat "afterword" for good behavior...Also.. you may find that she is actually feeding the Doeling ...when you aren't looking... so ...if the babies belly is full and the doeling doesn't want to nurse... you will know.... good luck...and congrats on the new arrivals... :wink: