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I have been wondering:

How do you decide where Rendy is held?
Who decides?
When scheduling Rendy do you do this
a year in advance?

I was just wondering how the whole thing is
put together.

Thank you

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There is information for putting on a NAPgA rendy on the site. FOr it to be an official NAPgA rendy it needs to be voted by the bord but anyone is welcome to submit a site for consideration. We do have someone interested in doing a rendy in Idaho for next year but anyone who is interested is encouraged to apply.

NAPgA pays for all the necessary amenities like portapotties, site fees, etc. The list on the website tells you how this is done and what things can be paid for.

You would be the person on the ground, so to speak, but will get lots of help for other NAPgA members.

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Thank you!

I am still to new at this to jump into a organizational role.
I was just wondering because. I live near Lake of the Woods
in Klamath county, Oregon. And every road we drive up has a
trail head on it. And my mind is in goat mode.

I would really like to attend a rendy and see how it is
organized. Could not go this year. Maybe next time.

I may look around as I explore the area on where would be
a good place. 20 to 30 cars would be the challenging part.
Most trail heads are smaller than that.
I may ask the US forestry service about it.

Thanks again for the info
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