Replacing Royce in August.

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    I lost my buck kid that I brought in this year to pneumonia. It's hard to think of "replacing" him and as a pet that will NEVER be possible. But in my breeding program I do have to get a new buck for fall and next year. So, I found a buck and I'm sharing him with you. Let me know what you think...

    First, here are two of the 3 I narrowed it down too but that I didn't get. First the chammy boy at the top here out of Troy by Jackson:
    I chose the one I did over this one because I like the granddams on the kid I chose just a hint more then those on this kid. But I had a feeling right from the start I either wanted a kid from one of the major TX farms (Twin Creeks, OMF, etc) or from DragonFly.

    The second kid was an OMF kid here: The second kid on the page is the one I was considering. I adore his dam but wasn't too sure on his sire.. My current buck is out of a buck at OMF whom they have ALOT of relatives (mother, sisters, aunts, nieces, etc). And I really like my buck and the handful of kids he has. But after much consideration I put a deposit down on a DragonFly buck.

    He is here: ... Quads.html (the solid white buck is the one I reserved). Dam: ... irdre.html Sire: ... sBuck.html

    On this kid his dam is closely line bred on Twink's Pixie. She is the granddam to Baywatch and has so many sons and daughters out there influencing the herd I can't even begin to list them all! The west coast, my herd included, sees a lot of Rebel and Montego who are out of Nonparelli by Baywatch. The sire on this kid is a total out cross and actually the pair - Aphrodite and Rio (grand dam and sire to the buck I reserved) - were one I was hoping to consider a buck from in the future. So, it was kind of perfect in that sense. He is coming home in August because I needed the time to clear my farm of the virus and recover from the vet bills. Plus, I would fill awkward sticking a boy in his pen and saying "well, that's that." Does that make sense? We all need time to grieve for Royce.

    So, that's the break down. What do you think? Would you have gone with the others? Why? Thanks for letting me pick your brains :)

    Oh...and...can I just add...How awesome is Joanne at DragonFly? Truly a plethora of knowledge and so patient and kind. I could not have picked a better person to get a buck from and she made the process fantastic. I was already in contact with her for a while about a buck for NEXT year. When I lost Royce I emailed her about bumping up my reservation. She's great :) I highly recommend her to any newbies out there!
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    I know it's hard to think of replacing your little guy, but IMO...I don't think you'd go wrong at all with the white buckling at DragonFly...I'm a bit biased though because I just love the lines...Pixie and LuckyStrike are a few generations back in my 2 elder nigies, Awesome lines and udders to back him!

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    I agree with Liz...I don't think you could go wrong there! That must have been a hard decision though, they all are very handsome. But you got a nice looking boy with awesome genetics! And I like the solid white....I bet he'll throw a lot of color to boot. Congrats...I know it must have been hard to replace the buckling you lost.
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    Thanks for the kind words. It's good to know I wasn't being "over sentimental" holding off on bringing the new guy home. My kids also wanted to keep a buck kid we had born here a week ago - who - were he not out of a FF and by my only buck I totally would keep because he's stunning! - but they want too because they miss Royce. I told them it doesn't work that way. They are beginning to understand I think.

    I am looking forward to the new kid though. The solid white is just a bonus. Isn't it funny how you can get extensive whites from dark colored goats and loads of color from white ones?