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    Awesome! Thank you!
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    Hoping to resurrect this thread! I went through all the posts and am a bit foggy as to whether BoSe 2X a year is needed, if I have everyone on Replamins Plus?

    I can see I should give BoSe to does 1 month before kidding. Would the dose be the same or half because of the Replamins?

    Also I see that I should still have loose minerals available. And Copper Bolus would be 1/2 dose? I have been giving Copper 4x a year to help prevent hoof rot in winter.

    What about a Selenium Salt Block, should I have this also?

    I see that the applicator gun is preferred, but it gives doses of 5g. Is a 5g dose okay for goats 60-100 lb?
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    You should supply what your goats need, and none of us are there seeing your goats.

    The best we can offer is generalities, and the advice to watch your goats and fine tune the advice to match what you see.

    Generalities. They need both loose minerals and a separate salt lick. The minerals should be the best quality you can supply. It does not matter if there is a cow on the bag instead of a goat, if the minerals are the best you can do.

    If you choose to give Replamin on a weekly basis, there is no reason to give Bo-Se, UNLESS you see signs of selenium deficiency. If you give Bo-Se, you should also give a vitamin E gel, because there is reason to think that the injection does not have enough E to properly utilize the selenium.

    If you do not see signs of a copper deficiency, then there is no reason to bolus. If you see signs, then there is no reason to NOT give a FULL dose. Give the full dose when you see you need copper.

    If you have a need for even more selenium supplementation above your mineral mix and the weekly replamin, then a selenium salt block is a find addition.

    I do it a bit different. I have a high selenium mineral, a selenium salt lick, and when I first see those tails, that's when I bring out the extra selenium, because I don't give Replamin every week. And my herd, unlike other herds, needs a LOT of selenium.

    I hope this helps. It's all about responding to the herd, rather than responding to a calendar.
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    Thank you Mariarose. Well put. I need to bone up on what Copper & Selenium deficiencies look like.
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    You are in luck, because those are the easy ones to see and evaluate. Others are MUCH more hidden. Yay!
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