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You know, most of you all know that I am a Nurta Drench freak. I swear by it. Well long story short (I hope), we had a kitten that was attacked and her hear was crushed. We took her to the ER and they wanted $375.00 to save her. Put here on IV, and 24 hour stay in the hospital. Sorry, I love me animals but I could not justify spending htat much on a kitten and it most likely not make it. I told them I was talking her home. They were not happy at all. Well, I gave her Nutra Drench when I got home, again several hours later and in the morning she was alive. YEP, I believe the Nurta Drench saved her.
Another Nutra Drench story. Give her a little bit if you have it. I gave 1 pump(I have the pumps), other wist alie a 1/2cc.
good luck. With the love you have to give, that is what she needs. :pray:
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