Reservations for 2010 kids NV - Update 1/17

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    We have 3 does due to kid in Spring of 2010. Kids are due March and April. We will also have kids due in Summer...
    Delivery possible to CA, OH, ID, WA, OR, AZ...I will travel anywhere that I can drive within one day (one way) for cost of gas. I do not currently ship, but arrangements can be made or I can meet you half way if you are buying from an Eastern location!!

    Take my summary of each goat with a grain of salt and understand I am still learning. However, everything stated here is based on mutual assessments of each animal by myself and other breeders, so for the most part...I'm not talking out of my behind! :)

    I am OPEN to all trades, just ask me! I am still growing my herd and learning what lines I like and don't. So, trading is a nice way for my to learn what's out there.

    Capri-Dance Trixy is due in March and bred to DC Miniatures Im Chupa Chup. Trixy (nick-named Penny) is a very nice doe with loads of dairy character. There is little to nothing about this doe I would change. She has long slender dainty legs with good angulation in the rear and forward pointing toes up front. She has great width between her hocks as well. Trixy's hips are wide enough so that I can put one thump on the point of one hip and barely reach my forefinger to the next hip. Wonderful! She has a nice flat rump that slopes gently to her tail. She could use a little more definition in her escutcheon, but it is by no means bad! This doe has a level flat back that meats up with tight high withers. Her sharp withers compliment her well put together front end with straight elbows at the point and a nice long neck. This does ribs are a finger width apart and reasonably flat, though I'd like to see a little more flatness. She has wide spring of rib with great body capacity and takes on that "swallowed a beach ball" look without being overweight when pregnant. Trixy's ears are set just above the cheek bone (not too high, near the poll and not too low, near the back of the jaw bone). Finally she is topped off with a sweet face, long neck, mildly wide nose and overall feminine features on a head proportionate to her size. UDDER PICS WILL BE POSTED AT KIDDING
    Dam - Capri-Dance Twister
    Dam's Dam - Oak Creek CRJH Tiger Lilly
    Dam's Sire - OTR Juniper's Gulliver
    Sire - Coppy Penny Arrowhead
    Sire's Dam - MCH It'l Do Apachey E
    Sire's Sire - Ponders End FR Panache
    Trixy's breeder owns Tiger Lilly and one of her daughters, Twinkle Toes, and says these does have an incredible will to milk and only needed to be re-bred once every few years to keep in milk!
    It'l Do Apachey E has her permanent Master Champ.

    Chupa Chup is a nice buck out of DC Miniatures.
    Here is a reserve grand champion buck out of Chupa Chup
    His dam, Gingersnap
    A Gingersnap daughter
    A doe out of Chupa Chup - look for Irish Cream
    Another Buck out of Chupa Chup -Sunny Delight

    1st doe and 1st buck retained. Taking 3rd doe reservation and 2nd and 3rd buck reservation. All bucks from this breeding not sold intact will be whethered and sold to our pet family waiting list. Polled trait possible, but unlikely. Very good chance of blue eyes.

    The next paring is a half sister to Trixy, Capri-Dance Bonnibelle (nicknamed Lullabelle) who is also bred to Chupa Chup. She is also do in March

    Bonnibelle has some similar features to her sister. She is very dainty and long legged with wide hocks, angled back feet, and straight front feet. She has a level back with a steeper rump then her sister. She has a more defined and higher escutcheon. Again, very wide hips on this overall smaller and shorter doe. Bonnibelle has more flatness of bone with less spacing between her ribs. She shares her sisters wide spring of rib and great body capacity with the "beach ball" look without being overweight. This doe also has a long neck with a well proportioned dainty head. Her ears are set properly as well. She also has tight withers that could be just a bit sharper, though certainly are not bad for an almost six year old doe. And finally this doe boasts a level straight back, but I'd like to see more length. UDDER PICS WILL BE POSTED AT KIDDING

    Bonnibelle is out of the same sire as Trixy (Copper Penny Arrowhead) Her dam is:
    Dam - Capri-Dance Bella
    Dam's Dam - Domingo Golden Sun Twist
    Dam's Sire - OTR Juniper's Gulliver

    Bonnibelle is also bred to Chupa Chup. Polled possible but unlikely, good chance of blue eyes.
    1st doe retained. 2nd doe reserved. Taking 3rd doe reservation and 1st-3rd buck reservations. Again bucks not sold intact will be whethered and sold to our pet family wait list.

    Bonnibelle/Lullabelle's rump, Trixy/Penny is the doe facing the camera.

    Finally, we have Isis due. For those of you who followed this discussion this is the doe I bought from Olivia at Capriola.
    Her full name is Mystiques Spirit of Isis Blue.
    Isis is new to me so I can only say what I have observed. She is a thicker more "butch" doe then the above two. She has a thicker body and thicker legs. If you are familiar with the Starbucks and some of the Twin Creeks lines you may have seen the thicker body and wider head appearance. Isis has only semi-tight withers but I am told they were better when she was younger. Her withers are sharp though. She has flat ribs with good finger-width spacing, though a little more flatness would be nice. At this point I would like to see more body capacity and spring of rib, but she is only 1 month bred and may be hiding some of her full form from me. She is overall a very level lovely doe with a fantastic rump and rear end. I look forward to seeing more butts like hers around here! I'd like to see a longer neck on this girl and ears only slightly lower set. Otherwise I enjoy her kind expression and strong jaw and teeth that comes with the wider head. This doe has a nice udder but needs more capacity and better medial suspension. There are good udders both in her lines and Royal's, however I have not seen what their daughter's udders are like yet.

    Dam: Spiritwind Something Frosted
    DS: Mountain Quest Phantomo'Opera
    DD: Ohlone Frostey
    Sire: Mystiques SG Blue Nugget
    SS: TWin Creeks WB Solid Gold
    SD: Spiritwind Brazil Nut

    She is bred to Royal Blue.
    Her kids both from Royal and from a different sire can be seen here (as well as many other Royal Blue kids)
    A daughter of her's, Lanai
    Some pictures of her from before I got her

    1st doe retained. Taking 2nd and 3rd doe reservations and 1st-3rd buck reservations. Blue eyes a good possibility. Again whethers will be sold as pets.

    Pictures of Isis available upon request, just haven't gotten any up yet!

    Trixy/Penny and Bonnibelle/Lullabelle: Does are $300, bucks $200, whethers $75. Prices reflect my having no knowledge of their udders. Prices won't increase after kidding for this freshening, but pending ideal udder traits may increase next freshening.
    Isis: Does are $250, bucks $150, and whethers $75. Prices reflect medial suspension and capacity faults.

    Pending completed registration requests all kids should be tipple registered. Trixy and Bonniebelle kids are AGS and NDGA registered with ADGA pending. Isis kids are AGS and ADGS with NDGA pending.

    All animals are from CAE, CL and Johne's negative herds. All 3 does will be tested this month and results posted.

    Kids to be due mid summer by our buck Contagious and out of our Hoofin It doe Athena and our Castle Rock doe Porsche. Both combinations should produce amazing kids and would be a good chance to add these lines to your herds before they are proven and price goes up ;)
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    Re: Reservations for 2010 kids NV - delivery possible

    hoping penny and/or lulla pop out an extra doe ... also hoping that twist pops out an extra doe lol

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    Re: Reservations for 2010 kids NV - delivery possible

    lol I second that motion!
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    Re: Reservations for 2010 kids NV - delivery possible

    Adding info via my website. There are lots more pictures of each goat plus additional details on upcoming pairs. Just follow the link in my signature and enjoy!
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    Re: Reservations for 2010 kids NV - delivery possible

    Are you really coming out to OH? :whatgoat:
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    Re: Reservations for 2010 kids NV - delivery possible

    Yes, I do plan to. I'll be passing through Ohio on my way to Texas. So, I'd be willing to deliver kids on that trip.
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    Penny - 1st doe retained, 2nd reserved (Sarah-SDK). 1st buck retained. all other bucks to be whethered

    Lulla - 1st doe retained, 2nd reserved (Laura-Tiny Hooves). all bucks to be whethered.

    Isis - all kids reserved, all bucks to be whethered.

    At this point reservations are welcomed on 3rd doe reserves for Penny and Lulla. Whethers are also an option! Thanks for reading!
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    I WANT BABIES!!!!!!! :kidred: :kidred: :kidred: :kidred: :kidred: