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We are now taking reservations on 2013 nigerian dwarf goats in northwest washington. They are given premium care. They are sold healthy, vaccinated, dewormed, hoof trimmed and registered with ADGA (or NDGA if your prefer). Our herd has bloodlines from Old Mountain, Pholia, Camanna and more. Check out our website for more info on breedings.

Pholia Farm DN Madeline x Twisted Vines Incredible Finn

Cross should produce lovely, dairy, elegant kids. great udder potential.

Rockstar Ranch Athena x Old Mountain Farm Yukata

First freshener so not sure how her udder will be. No buck kids will be available. Great bloodlines! I have hight hopes for Athena.

Wee Tag Alongs Mango x Twisted Vines Incredible Finn

No bucks available. Should be good home milkers, pets or 4-h projects. Not recommended for show goats, Mango milks great though.
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