Reservations on Nigerian Dwarfs in Northern NV

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    Kidding will start in March and continue through July/August. I don't require a deposit. Does will be $200-$250 depending on pairing. I am not accepting reservations on wethers currently. And ALL bucklings will be wethered, no exceptions. You can see extended pedigrees and additional information on my website. I will post the individual animals' pages as I go...

    My buck is Roc N Ewe DE Mr. Bojangles:

    Sire: PGCH/MCH Roc N Ewe JM Duke of Earl E
    SS: Roc N Ewe Ranch Jimmy Mack
    SD: Flat Rocks Keepsake
    Dam: Covenant Kids Lady Minervia *D
    DS: Woodhaven Farms Faron Hite
    DD: MCH Covenant Kids Lady Godiva

    Bo Jangles is a very correct buck. He is long, has a high, wide escutcheon and extremely tight shoulders. He has a strong topline, which he passes onto his kids it seems (though his topline doesn't look good in his picture!). His dam has a lovely udder that is strongly attached and she is a great milker. I don't have pictures of his dam or her udder as the breeder doesn't have any. If I can get some, I'll post them to my website. His dam was in the top ten for One Day test in 2007 at the age of 6. She is currently on 305 milk test and is milking well.

    Bo Jangles has been bred to the following does:

    1) Ain't Misbehave'n Good to Go aka Gigi:
    Sire: Woodhaven Farms Latigo
    SS: Woodhaven Farms TKO
    SD: Woodhaven Farms Shaula Parker
    Dam: Twin Creeks Hawk's Enchantment
    DS: Twin Creeks MF Prairie Hawk *S
    DD: Far-N-Best Mopsy *D VG
    Here is a doe from this same pairing that I kept last year:
    Aurelia has a very strong topline, great width between her legs and is overall a lovely doe!
    Gigi isn't my best doe, but she has some good qualities to offer, her pedigree being one of them! She has good width throughout, good body capactiy and she has plumb teats. Her udder could use more fore extension and a stronger medial, but it has good rear udder height. She is a great milker and produces kids that are nicer than herself! Does from this breeding are $200. Gigi will also be offered for sale after the kids are weaned. She would make a great home milker or brood doe.

    2) Eagle River Ruf N Tumbleweed aka Tumble
    Sire: MCH Goodwood KW Dallas +*S
    SS: Gay Mor RA Kingwood ++*S
    SD: MCH Goodwood Tahoka 3*D
    Dam: Ain't Misbehave'n P. Mononoki
    DS: Cornerstone Farms GN Nahbi
    DD: Highland Blue Magic

    Tumble is a very nice little doe that shows great body capacity and depth throughout. She has a nice udder that has good attachments and plumb teats. I'd like her to have higher rear udder and the teats placed more toward center. Tumble always produces nice kids that are improvements over her. Does from this pairing will be $250. Tumble may be offered for sale after the kids are weaned, but I am not positive on this yet.

    3) AMF Lets Do the Cha Cha Cha aka Cha Cha
    Sire: Old Mountain Farm Dan Seur
    SS: Old Mountain Farm Woodrow *S
    SD: 2*M Old Mountain Farm Ballerina 2*D E AR2104
    Dam: Eagle River Ruf N Tumbleweed (above)

    Cha Cha is a gorgeous doe! She fresheed the first time last year and has an udder with buttersoft texture and great attachments. She also has a good medial, though it doesn't show up in pictures (black goat being pictured in a dark room!). Cha Cha is long, wide and deep, even for a yearling. She is a litle bratty though :). Does from this pairing will be $250. These kids should be very nice, sharp and very dairy.

    4) Agape Oaks GL Violette aka Violette
    Sire: Flat Rocks Gem's Legacy
    SS: Flat Rocks Gem
    SD: Five Alarm Grace
    Dam: Agape Oaks CK Hope
    DS: Lost Valley KW Cherokee *S
    DD: Agape Oaks Amazing Grace 1*D 2*M AR VG
    Violette is a stunning doe, though she's not photogenic!!! I need to get updated pictures of her as the ones on my site are from when she was young. She is long, flat boned and sharp. She has extremely flat and tight shoulders and good rib spacing. She also has an extremely high escutcheon. Her dam is expected to earn her AR as a first freshener. I possibly have one reservation for a doeling from this pairing. Does will be $200 since Violette is a First Freshener. These kids should be stunning as well! And very dairy.

    I will also be breeding Aurelia, one of Bo Jangles's daughters, to AMF DS Captain Courageous.
    His pedigree:
    Sire: Old Mountain Farm Dan Seur
    Dam: Ain't Misbehave'n Fandango

    These kids should be quite nice!! The does from this breeding will be $200. Aurelia will be bred in February so the kids will be due this summer.

    All of my goats come from CAE, CL negative herds. I will be testing them this month for both CAE and CL as well. I will post results as soon as I get them. I can ship from Reno/Tahoe International and I'd be willing to drive kids to California, Idaho or Oregon, for a delivery charge. I can also deliver to any shows I'll be attending. The kids will be registerable with AGS and NDGA. Fees for Health Certificates will be the actual cost. When the time comes, I will find out how much for those :).

    Thanks for looking!
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    Dec 5, 2009
    Reno, NV
    I just realized that it would be helpful to put my contact information :).

    If you're interested or have any questions on the above goats/pairings/resulting kids, you may e-mail me at [email protected]!

    Thanks for looking!

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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    So, you know...Tumble's not THAT nice. I mean, if I were you, I wouldn't keep her. I'd sell her. You don't need her. Sure, she's dairy, and she produces great kids. I mean...look at Athena...and Cha Cha. And she has a super nice udder. 'Course she's capacious and nice to look at. But if I were you, I'd sell her...

    :devilish: :devilish: :devilish:

    WARNING: Tumble is a very nice doe, I just want to buy her :drool: So...if I convince her to sell her... :hammer:
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    Dec 5, 2009
    Reno, NV
    Well get first dibs on her...I just was thinking I'd mention it to people because you're buying all the goats up in CA and may not want her by the time the kids are weaned ;). But seriously, you get first grabs at her. I just think that after this kidding season, she will have served her purpose in my herd and it would be good for her to serve a purpose in someone else's herd. Plus I need to keep my numbers down!!
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    First dibs! Woohoo! :cool:

    I'd definitely do a doe-back on her too out of either Courageous or...? I have a few bucks in mind :) If you were interested!