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Jim picked up two bucklings from Carolyn at the Rendy. The older one, Boot, has shown no problems, at all, but his compadre, Steep, has been hit w/ severe rhino tracheitis, high fever [now under control].
He never stopped eating or drinking & his condition has improved w/ treatment from vet, including Albon, thiamin & another coccidiostat which has escaped my mind.
However, he continues to have a bubbly sound to his breathing.

Recently, our doeling, Miss Maggie May, returned from Carolyn's place & has begun to show the same symptoms, but without the high fever & exhaustion.
She is definitely ill, but not horribly so.

My plan of attack is to take fresh fecals to the vet & see where we go from here.

Our new vet is very up front with us & has no problem contacting other vets as he doesn't have much opportunity to do extensive work on goats. He discusses every stage of the treatment & has been willing to come in on Sunday & answer questions after hours with no irritation, too. A gem!

Please give me an idea as to something else we can do. These goats are our family members & we're quite dotty over them. [Of course, not a one of You would feel like that, right? ROFL]
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