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    Dec 25, 2010
    Angel Finally kidded after passing her third due date. She is a first freshening Fullblood. She was born 01/04/10. I bought her as a bottle kid but had a doe freshen and lose her kid. I grafted Angel onto her, it was a 2 full day job, but it worked. The doe raised her as her own till weaning. Angel was bred 3 different times but refused to settle. As recently as 3 weeks ago I was on the verge of selling her because I felt she was still open....My friends that read this will attest to this fact....She built an udder and tripled in size in a week....Today she kidded.
    A 2 teated traditional fullblood doeling. 6# 5oz, thats rabbit sized. She had the kid dry, standing, and nursing in 15 minutes. This is DBV a1 and my first fullblood of the year...So much for my all boys wish and my solid black request...But you will not hear me complain when a first freshener has a kid up and nursing by herself...Phone picture...sorry

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    congrats...glad she finally settled and had a beautiful little girl.....you couldn't ask for more..... :thumb: :greengrin:
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    Congrats on the new little doe.