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Rock dust for minerals?

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so, the minerals I get here are terrible.

I have a chance to get rock dust....azomite to be exact. I've been told these things can be given to chickens, but I haven't heard about goats.

there's a certificate that says it's ok to feed to livestock, but they don't quite yet have a table of how much.

what do you all think? is it worth a try? I don't want to make my goats sick, but I also want to find a better, locally sourced mineral mix...

thanks for your help!
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That's interesting, i have never heard of that till now. I read that it contains over 70 active minerals and elements and is 100 per ent natural, additive free. It might be a lot better than your current mineral. I wonder how much copper it has......:ponder:
I do notice the lead level is like 6 ppm. Not sure what the safe level is - you may want to look into that.
There are also herbal mixtures that provide minerals. I was recently made aware of one called Kop-Sel, about which there are really good reviews. I think ThreeHavens on here bought some.
Well the copper and Selinium content is next to nothing really, but it does have a little bit of everything else in there. I'm thinking the other stuff wouldn't weigh out the low copper and Selinium, but if you copper bolus and give BoSe or do the Selinium vit e gel, it might be worth a try.
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