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Rules to remember when posting in open forum on The Goat Spot


Please remember that there are many different ways to raise goats and everyone has and is entitled to their opinion and not one person's opinion should be forced on anyone.

Harassing, hateful or threatening behavior will not be tolerated on this forum and is cause for immediate termination of membership. If you as a member feel you have been treated in this manner by another member please report it to the administrator or a moderator.

Obscene, profane or sexually orientated posts are not allowed and will be removed.

Political posts will be closed and or removed at our discretion.

Spamming (in any form), flooding, chain letters, pyramid schemes and solicitations are not allowed on this forum and post involving them will be removed and doing so is also cause for immediate termination of membership.

Bashing of other websites, forums or its members is not within the friendly atmosphere we desire here and post involving this will be removed or locked upon our discretion.

Members wishing to promote another open forum (goat related) need to do so via pm or email unless you have the ok of The Goat Spot's owner/Administrator.

All new members will need to post a minimum of 25 posts before they can have the privilege of the Personal Message (PM) feature. This will ensure that new members do not come here just to spam via the pm feature instead really truly want to be a part of our goat discussions.

Please remember that it is impossible for the Administrator and Moderators of this forum to confirm validity of all posts. We will do our best to monitor all posts but some things can and will be missed and as such the owner of this forum is not responsible for the content contained within. The Administrator of The Goat Spot does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information posted here unless posted by them. All messages not posted by the Administrator express the views of the member who posted them and are not the view of this forum or its staff. Anyone who feel that a posted message is objectionable, please notify either the Administrator or a Moderator.

The staff of The Goat Spot reserves the right to remove an objectionable post as soon as we can but please realize it is not automatic so it can take some time for some post to be noticed and removed unless we have been notified.

If a members post is removed or altered due to the guidelines above you will be notified via pm with a reason and a warning. If the behavior continues after the third warning then that member is at risk of being banned from this forum.

Please keep this forum fun and friendly.

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We are no longer allowing links to be passed to other goat communities through private messages.

We're having an issue right now with a previous member joining up to talk poorly of the community and the admins.
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