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Ha ha, you gota laugh sometimes, this is not about fencing and not trying to steal your post. But I open the gate to the goat pen and let the milk does go about 20 feet to the milking stand for the feed and I milk then. I was having problems of being over run. More goats getting out of the gate than I could control. Heck, I got mad and got the cattle hot shot with newly charged batteries. Yap! bet your booties, I can walk up to the gate and call them by name to come out and eat with out a stampede now. Annie just sees the prod and walks back and calmly waits her turn. TanMan walks away and stays clear until I put it up. Lol
Happens to me constantly. Day before yesterday five Nigerian Dwarfs rolled me.(embarrassed) Miniature goat stampede.:) I donot have a water hose at all gates to back them up.:heehee:
A Hotshot looks good to me right now!:cowboy:
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