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Runny bowels

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Hello! We are new to goats and can't wait to get started on packing! We have had 2 bottle kids for the past week that are 2 and 3 weeks old. We have them on this same recipe, 21oz twice a day, free choice hay, water, grain, and minerals. One of them has poop that ranges from very runny diarrhea to pasty logs similar to a dogs (smell as well), the other has clumped, wet, brownish yellow pellets. My question is what should a bottle kids poop look like at this age? We were told we should increase them by 2oz a day, but pull back if they get diarrhea and try again the next day. They were both on 20oz, twice a day, of goat's milk when we got them and haven't been able to increase due to this.
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Hi Huckleberry, welcome to the forum. Clumpy is good. Runny is bad. Over feeding milk can cause loose bowels as can several other things. Most notably coccidiosis, often referred to as cocci. It is a parasitic protozoan with diarrhea as a main symptom. There are several drugs used by breeders to combat cocci. Goats develop an immunity to cocci over time with the first year being the most critical for treatment. If you have never had goats on your property before you may not have a big problem with it but since it poses such a serious risk to young goats we have always preferred to be safe and treat for it. Most treatments involve some type of sulfa drug to kill the cocci.
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