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Mary is an all around great doe. She is very sweet, a great mother, and when she is bred to a dairy buck produces very nice dairy daughters, while when bred to a Boer buck she produces very growthy daughters. She milks fairly well also, she is giving about 6-7 lbs a day.
Mary's page: ... G_3437.jpg

I am selling her for $100, I've decided I need to concentrate more on my LaManchas.

Also, I am offering her daughter Marlena for sale. Marlena is a very growthy kid, she is almost 2 months old and about 60 lbs. She is very long and very well muscled. She may be able to be registered with the ABGA as 50% Boer. I am selling her for $125. ... G_4928.jpg ... G_4949.jpg

Here is Marlena's sire:

You can take her with her daughter Marlena for $200. Email me, [email protected] for more info. We are located in Northern IL, 1 1/2 hours west of Chicago, 2 hours east of the Quad Cities, IA, and 2 hours south of Madison WI.
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