Sad times here

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    Well it started on Wednesday night when I received a call from a 4H mom. Her daughters goat was down and they were sure it was bloat. I had a Physical Therapy atp and so my daughter ran my meds to me and when I was done I went to their house. Her temp was already down to 91.2. I new it was really to late but I had to try. So I tubed her and pumped the meds that the vet used on Monica. She started to belch and really started to pass a LOT of gas. :leap: She even held her own head up for a bit and we could see the stomach going down but I could still see a big gas pocket. Well she started to slip away again, so I had to go ahead and stick a needle in her side to try to release some gas, well the gas came out and I tell you it stunk up the whole house, but it was to late. we lost her about 20 minutes later.

    She said the goat was fine at 5:00 AM and at 2:00PM she was down, and dead by 6:30PM.

    I was in a car accident and I was not at fault. I had a older pickup that I was driving a 1996 Dodge 1500. OK nothing like some of the beautiful new ones everyone is getting here, but I pulled my stock trailer full of goats and horses. Well they decided they are only giving me $2000.00 for it. :scratch: I was not at fault I was just driving and now I have no way of getting my goats to shows, the vet or anything. How on earth is this fair. I told them I was not wanting a new one, I just want enough money to get something that would pull like my other one did. I do not understand the reason to pay Insurance if it is worthless.

    So I had that, then we had a meeting here at work and we had to lay off 4 of our shop workers. It is so hard because they are all such great people and they all work so well together and they care so much for each other, so it was like kicking your family to the curb. I have done nothing but cry all day.

    Next I had surgery on my foot in November, and I ma still having trouble. It is not moving like they want it to be and it hurts like crazy and I have to try to get it healed before i have surgery again on the other foot.

    Now the final thing. My son leaves tomorrow to California. He is in the Military and he will be going to his first station. He has been home for two weeks. After his school he came home to do some recruiting. Now I have to say good bye or see you later to him, and he will be 22 on the 28th so he will not even be home for that. I will say he is very excited to go to Cali, you know to see all the hot chicks.

    OK sorry, I am just having a pity party.
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    aww :hug: :hug: :hug:

    that's just a bunch of horrible things to happen all at once(ish)

    and tell your son that there aren't as many "hot chicks" as he thinks there are in CA.. trust me.. im here haha

    where is he going to be stationed?

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    I hope you make it through all these troubles well. :hug:
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    wow...I feel for you.....I will pray that things will get better.. :pray:
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    Feb 17, 2008
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    I too am very sorry for all your pain and sadness right now. :hug: My prayers are with you that you gain the strength to help you and your family right now. I know you were a great comfort to me with my mom so I really wish I could say more to help. Your in my thoughts. and another :hug:
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    When it rains it pours, it always seems to be like that and no, it is not fair at all. Prayer sent that you can find a way to heal the way you should and even more hugs and prayers that your son has a safe trip. :hug:
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    Oct 4, 2007
    Oh Lori I am so sorry :hug: Such aweful stuff to happen and to have your son leave too :tears:

    I do believe this is a hymn - I did a search for it

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    Lori.....I am so sorry for what all your having to endure right now.....I do very much understand your sadness over your son, both my kidos are/were son is in the Air Force stationed in Oklahoma, he's my oldest and he and his wife just had my first grandbaby this past year.....Faith, she is 9mths....I do believe one of the worst days of my life was when he left for basic training right after high school....I cried for a week straight, my husband thought he would have to have me commited....but I survived and then 2yrs after that my daughter decides to go into the Army after high school graduation and we had already enrolled her in nursing school!!!!! So once again I had to let one leave the nest, she is our we became empty nesters and I hated it for about 3yrs. She was in the medical brigade and spent a year in Iraq.....another bad year for me.....but I survived. I am so very proud of both my kids as I know you are of your son.
    Now my daughter is out of the Army, but is now a Sheriff's deputy in Pierce County, I still worry about her everyday, but she loves her job.....she is also going through a divorce after 4yrs of marriage...which I just hate for her.... I have to say that the military was great for both my kids......they were great kids growing up and never gave me trouble, but they were momma's babies.....I raised them for most of their childhood as a single mom, so they were very attached to me......the military really made them become sooooo independent and self reliant, responsible daughter calls me everyday though still and my son calls me about 2x's a will get use to him being away, but it does take time.....right after my son got married they decided they wanted to do a overseas duty, so they were in Japan for 3yrs......I hated it! I finally have just resigned myself to the fact that they have to live their lives as they wish and as long as they are happy then I need to be happy for them......but it is not easy having them so far away.....that is why I now have 2 pups, 2 cats, 11 hens, 1 rooster and two goats(one of which has no hair at the moment!) They are the children I care for now!
    Hang in there....and one thing about the military.....he has job security! Denise