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I know there a thousand threads about workers but I found to many different answers to my question so I figured I would just ask.

I took a fecal to the vet and we have tapeworms ( but no barber pole which is great) the vet recommended safeguard , so we went to tsc and bought safeguard horse paste . Now the vet told us to do double dosage but I know from looking on this forum that a lot of people say to triple the dosage and I saw other people say 1 cc per 10 lbs

So I need to know the correct dosage to give and how often to give it please.

Thanks in advance :)

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The info I have with using the 25 gram Safeguard paste is this:
1cc for every 12 pounds

I always push paste wormers into a 6cc syringe to get accurate dosing, I never use the dial on the tube.

Also, be sure you get accurate weights, it is important to get enough of the med per pound to have it be effective.
For tapeworms, you need to dose it for 3 days then again for 3 days 10 days later and get a fecal run to see if it worked, if not then a different wormer for tapes should be used.
Safeguard has a wide margin of error when it comes to over dosing so going a little over won't hurt :)
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