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I’m going to post some maternity pics of the girls so I can compare… we are still 6 weeks out before due dates! And I’m dying for some little ones 😅
Here’s Peach… she had b/g twins as a FF last year. Her mom had quads as a 2F, so I’m curious to see what she’s got hiding in there. She is getting a bit wide, due date 2/8-2/10.
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Lucy will be a 2F this year. She had b/g twins last year as a FF. Her mom had triplets as a 2F. Due 2/5 or 2
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We’ve got Jolene also with 2 possible due dates of 2/4 or 2/10. She’s my oldest doe and will be a 5F this year. She had 1, 3, 4, and 4 last year, but one had died earlier on.
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sandy will be a 2F this year. She had triplets last year as a FF. 2b/1g. She’s due feb 8/or 11.
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Flippy will be a 3F this year, she had a single and then quads. She was due Feb, but came back into a strong heat so I have her marked as due 3/3.
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Hershey will be a 2F this year, also had b/g twins as a FF. Her girl was tiny tho! She also didn’t bag up very well, so I’m waiting to see how she does as 2F if she can feed 2 kids ok.

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Fancy will be a 2F this year. She had triplets as a FF, the little buckling had died early on and was doa. One of her little girls was very weak but they’ve both grown up very well. I’ve got her marked for 2/11.
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Gypsy was Fancy’s weak doeling last year. She snuck out a month ahead of time and got nailed! Her little udder is forming and is firm. She is due 2/12. I will be watching her like a hawk!
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Cinnabar is Gypsy’s sister and also snuck in to the buck 2x! She had a goopy backside and I was sure he got her, but her udder doesn’t seem as developed as her sisters. So maybe she didn’t settle? I have her marked as 2/11, but maybe she’ll be later on…
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Sweetpea is my wide Gal. She will be a 4F this year. She had twin boys, 1b, 2g triplets and then b/g twins last year. She’s wide no matter what so hard to say what she’ll have! She’s due 2/10.
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I have to add my other FF does. They are supposed to be kidding later in March (other than the 2 escapees).
We’ve got Skippy who I’m pretty excited about. She’s got her mamas length (altho the pictures don’t show that of course lol) and adds a little more height as well 🤩
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then Apricot
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