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I bet she will be a great moma. She missed out for 2 years, she’ll be thrilled.
Hopefully her maternal instincts kick in- less than 2 months to find out! 🎊
I don’t have a date on her, just know I released the Beast on 10/9 to catch any silent heats id missed.
He was also out 9/27-10/5… so may have tagged her then.

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Thank you everyone! 🥰

Fancy was my first black paint doe, but she didn’t disappoint and came thru with 2 colorful doelings last year!
Before that, my color was mostly in wethers 😅

my big wide gal is traditional, but she had twin chocolate bucklings her first time, out of a traditional buck. I traded her mom, but I saw her this year and she had a lot more speckling showing up on her body that had previously seemed trad.
Fancy came out of her last year. This year just buckling/doeling trads.

we shall see what kind of color Beast can bring out 😍🍀😘

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Welllll if Jolene is anything like the Dolly Pardon song, their be plenty of little Jolenes running around to share!💖💝🤪😁😁😁
She is my doe who tends to have doelings instead of bucklings for whatever reason!

last 2 years of quads, 3 d/1 b
Then her trips as a 2F were 2d/1 b
as a Ff she did have a single buckling lol

of course, we will have to see how things go w/ Beast as a new Buck this year. Lol

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It’s almost February!
How are the ladies doing?
Has Cinnabar started on an udder by now?
Cinnabar does have a cute little udder- it’s as big or maybe bigger than her sisters! She was just a little later starting 😂
I got some pics today for my weekly update, altho they’re face/stomach pics and not udders. Lol
Cinnabar belly
Goat Working animal Fawn Goat-antelope Wood

Her mom, Fancy
Vertebrate Mammal Working animal Terrestrial animal Dairy cow

Eye Working animal Snow Goat Terrestrial animal

Snow Goat Terrestrial animal Goat-antelope Snout

Flippy, peaches mom, not due till March
Working animal Terrestrial animal Landscape Livestock Snout

Jaw Ear Goat Fawn Terrestrial animal

Snow Goat Goat-antelope Freezing Terrestrial animal

And Uni
Goat Terrestrial animal Snout Goat-antelope Natural material

Lucy and Skippy
Eye Human body Goat Terrestrial animal Snow

Last, but not least, Jolene

Terrestrial animal Fawn Snout Livestock Goats
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