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I have finally decided to update my webpage. Suprise, suprise.
Well, before my website was informational and my goats were just pets. Now, however, I have a buckling and an adult wether up for sale.
I am working on a sales contract, but I am having brain farts. It might be the time, since its almost 3 am, but I honestly am out of ideas. The time only makes it worse!
Here is the current informational contract(sorry if the formatting messes up):

Pixie Dust Hollow
Pygmy and Boer Goats
1611 Hartly road
Hartly, DE 19953

Sales Contract
Last Updated 10/10/2007

Seller’s Information
Name: Aubrey Lawson
Address: 1611 Hartly road
City and State: Hartly,Delaware
Zip Code: 19953
Phone Number: (302) 423-5549 (302) 492-8792
Email: [email protected] [email protected]

Buyer’s Information
City and State:
Zip Code:
Phone Number: ( ) -

Animal’s Information:
Birth date:
Registration #:
Scrapie Tag #:
Medical Record:

What else should I add? The new owner will get a copy of this record, any reg. papers and copies of health papers.
I want to have a guidelines/contract contract lol. But I'm not sure where to start.
Thanks for any help!
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