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Sales Policies and Sales Contracts...

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Okay....I am wanting to make a Sales Policy for my website and a Sales Contract. I need some ideas, like how to word it and stuff like that. If you wouldn't mind posting yours, I would greatly appreciate it! :D Also, please let me know if you would mind if I use yours or use bits and pieces of your Sales Policy and Sales Contract. :)

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I don't have a contract, but I have a policy, it is still under construction but it gives you an idea...

Oh and I don't mind if you use parts of mine.
there is a terms of sale on my breeding page of my website.

I have a sales policy...I am sure there are things that I forgot but here is mine. ... policy.htm
Thanks guys! Keep them coming!

I'm getting ideas...I think I may also try to include ADGA's Recommended Trade Practices For Members, too. :)
I have part of mine on my website but the complete policy I can e-mail to you if you like or pm it to you.

check for the main idea on my forsale page at
ADGA has soemthing like that? I dind't know that. Do you have a link for it? You can see my policy on the For Sale page of my site.
Thanks Sarah!

I don't know if there is a link, but I found it in the ADGA 2007 Guide Book. XIX. RECOMMENDED TRADE PRACTICES FOR MEMBERS Page 121.

I hope that helps!
Thanks, I'll check that out :D
You ever read through the whole guidebook? There's a lot of interesting stuff in there! :)
Not gets me confused sometimes. But anyways, I am supposed to....atleast that is what one lady told me if I want to compete and do well in Showmanship on a National Level. She told me "If you could read it once a month that would be good....if you could read it once a week that would be better." I though HOLY COW! :eek: She said she had her son do that and you could open up the guide and ask him what is on page whatever and he could quote the whole thing!!! :shock: I certainly have a long way to go!
Hey, if its going to make you a better breeder.........
Yeah, I know. know what? I haven't gotten first place in Showmanship at my Co. Fair, yet. And I started 4-H in 2002! I think it is about time I finally WIN!! Woo Hoo! :D :lol: :roll:
LOL I can't wait till mom and I start showing next year, I've only shown once, it wasn't my goat, and I placed 2nd to last but I still had a really good time :D My little Gertie could have kicked butt in that class.
Usually when I show for someone...I usually do pretty good! I showed Lil' Dutch Eclair(LaMancha) in 2005 at a small Co. Fair(not ours) and got GCH with her. Eclair is now a CH, but since that show was so small...I do not know if she picked up a milking leg there or not. Then last year I showed my now 4-H advisors(they weren't my advisors at the time) dry yearling, Espresso(LaMancha), and she was rearing up and just being a genuine turd! :angry: Got GCH with her and she was almost BJDIS except she was a little on the small side for a yearling. Then this year I showed(same show) my advisors dry yearling, Comet(LaMancha), and she walked pretty good for me. She was GCH and BJDIS. Now....most of Jim's(my advisor) goats do not like me for some reason! He is anti-Nubian and is always making fun of my Nubians, so he tells me they(the goats) smell eared goats and they don't like it! :roll: Finally this year I was able to GCH twice, RGCH once and almost BJDIS with my OWN goats!!! :dance: YIPPEE! :leap:
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LOL I'm still learning how to set goats up and such all the pics I have on my site were taken before I knew how to set a goat up. And the prettiest ones never behave :cry: lol
Yes...I know what you mean!! Libby, who named GCH Jr. Nubian at the Ohio State Fair Youth Show, likes to set up like a Walker Horse!! Front feet need to be place squarely beneath you deary, not in front! And cannot have your back feet clear behind you....just stand like I want you to stand! You look your best that way!! ARGH! It's almost always a fight with her!

Okay, back to original subject. I found a website that I like the policy....which includes a bred doe policy and I've been looking for that! Also found out ADGA has Bill of Sale papers. Going to go and call right now to see what all it contains....
I have bill of sale papers, never use them though. is our Sale Terms! It is still under construction. Let me know if you see something you think I need to change or add!!

• DEPOSITS: We do not take deposits on unborn kids. Instead if you see a breeding(s) that you like, please contact us with the breeding(s) you are interested in, whether you want a doe or a buck, and your contact info. We will then put you on the waiting list in the order that your request was received. Once the kid(s) of your interest are born, you will be notified within 48 hours of birth. You are then to get back to us within 48 hours to verify that you want the kid(s) and are to send out a $50 deposit for each kid immediately to the following address:
Jolene and Jacque Seigneur
Wauseon, OH 43567

We will then notify you of the arrival of the deposit(s). In the unlikely event that the kid(s) you have put a deposit on dies, we will refund your deposit in full or apply it to another kid that is available. Please be advised that there will be no refunds on cancelled orders.

• DESCRIPTION: Description of animals who are offered for sale will be as accurately presented as possible. It will be understood that the Buyer examined and was satisfied with the quality and condition of the animal upon taking the animal into his/her possession and removing the animal from our farm. Since we cannot possibly have any control over how animals are managed once leaving our possession, it will also be understood that, upon the animal leaving this property, all liabilities and responsibilities for the animal immediately transfer to the Buyer.

• PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Prices for kids without deposits and/or “Open Does†are subject to change once the kid is 14 days old or the doe is bred.

• PAYMENT: Payments must be in: cash, money order, or PayPal. If using PayPal, 3% will be added to cover PayPal charges. NOTE: We do NOT except checks!

• BALANCE/PICKUP: Full balance is due when you pick up your goat(s). If goat(s) is/are not picked up within 2 weeks after being notified that the goat(s) is/are ready to leave our farm, a boarding fee of $1.00 per day for weaned kids and dry stock, and $2.00 per day for kids still on milk and milkers will be applied after that time. Any and all “outstanding monies†must be satisfied prior to the goat(s) leaving our farm. Please be advised, however, that there will be no refunds on cancelled orders.

• BREEDERS' RIGHT: We, as the breeder, reserve the right to retain any and all kids even if the kid has been reserved.

• KIDS: Kids must be picked up no later than 4 weeks of age unless prior arrangements have been made. Depending upon time constraints, arrangements may be possible to have kids raised to weaning for an additional fee.

• TRANSPORTATION: Arrangements & expenses (vet checks & health certificates, etc.) are the SOLE responsibility of the Buyer.

• GUARANTEES: Goats of our breeding are guaranteed to be reproductively sound. We abide by the rules set forth by the American Dairy Goat Association, as defined under Section XIX, Recommended Trade Practices For Members, Subsection B and D, as written in the ADGA Guidebook which can be reviewed on their website here: Any goat that is found to be otherwise will be replaced. The defective goat must be returned to our farm within the allotted time-frame and must be accompanied by registration paper(s) and a signed statement written by a licensed veterinarian who examined the goat and diagnosed the problem as congenital in origin. In the event that said defective goat is residing on a farm where distance proves to be an issue, other arrangements will be made for a replacement.

• SALE OF BRED DOES: We abide by the rules set forth by the American Dairy Goat Association, with a doe being sold as “a bred doe†as defined under Section XIX, Recommended Trade Practices For Members, Subsection E, as written in the ADGA Guidebook and can be reviewed on their website here: At the time of purchase, Buyer will sign a statement that no bucks from the breeding will be registered unless agreed upon after dam and son(s) are assessed to be of the quality worthy of adding those genetics to the gene pool. Upon those kids’ birth, Buyer will notify Seller/Breeder. Contingent upon the offspring meeting the necessary criteria for registry with ADGA and the criteria Breeder/Seller deems necessary to act as breeding stock, Breeder/Seller will provide the appropriate paper work to register said kid(s) at no additional expense to Buyer.

• DISCOUNTS: We offer a 10% discount for 4-H and FFA, multiple purchases and to “repeat customersâ€. These discounts will not apply if the transaction includes trade items or if we are providing transport assistance.

P.S. Sarah I guess there is a link to see the Recommended Trade Practices For Members!
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sounds like a good policy. Now did you contact the person who you are taking this from? it is always nice to get their permission before using it as your own.

Do you want your address on The Goat Spot? if not XXXXX it out. :D
I X'd out my address. I haven't contacted the lady. I know her, so I don't think she would really care, but I can email her, however, it will more than likely take her forever to email back....VERY busy lady!!! LOL!! It isn't exactly like hers....I edited a lot of it...
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