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I am cross posting this from another list to help the endangered breed.

this is an opportunity for a special person to step forward to help
preserve one of the most endangered breeds of North American livestock -
the Santa Cruz sheep survived on Santa Cruz island off the coast of
California for the past 100 plus years based upon their survival
instincts - these are not your normal docile sheep! - they have survival
instincts that I have only seen in the soay breed of primitive sheep
during my years of transport of the most rare and exotic breeds of
livestock in North America - you can read about them by entering "santa
cruz sheep" with the quote marks into the Google search field - you can
also read about the SVF foundation at the same time

during my MAR/APR trip I made a stop at SVF in Rhode Island to pick up a
herd of 22 of these sheep - this is roughly 5% of the ENTIRE known
population of 'pure' Santa Cruz sheep! - while I was sitting at the
loading dock waiting to load the buyer in South Dakota canceled the
purchase - I got on the phone and was able to locate a home for half of
the herd within a few minutes so I made the decision to purchase the
entire herd myself rather than leave them stranded in RI - I transported
the 20 ewes and two rams to eastern Iowa where they are now being
boarded on a privately owned zoo - the zoo has purchased 10 ewes and one
ram - the remaining 10 ewes and one ram are looking for a home where
they will be protected from interbreeding with domestic sheep

I am the owner of these sheep at this time - I have $150 each invested
in purchase price and transportation from RI to Iowa - a buyer will pay
me and will help me cover the boarding fees and the transportation from
Iowa to a new home - I will not be looking to make a big profit on these
sheep - I will be in the Iowa area during June so I can transport the
herd then

preference will be given to someone who can buy the entire 11 animals -
worst case I am told that there are a couple Santa Cruz ram lambs
available from another herd - this would allow splitting up the 10 ewes
into three herds (if necessary) - the buyer will have to convince me and
the people at SVF that they intend to breed the Santa Cruz without
mixing them with other breeds of sheep and that they intend to work with
SVF and the Santa Cruz rescue group so that the rare genetics are not

please cross post this message to any group that you think might have an
interested potential buyer

please reply to me directly at my private email address below


Ron - private email at [email protected] net
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