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Sarah Kidded day 147! Pics last post!!!!

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Sarah's due 6-20 just after Blessing. I can't wait to see her udder full. She's a beautiful doe who's finally starting to fill out like I'd hoped. She is beautiful anyway. She's bred to Larkspur who's buckskin with blue-eyes so we're hoping for lots of doelings with blue-eyes! Ha! She's a first freshener. She too is super sweet, my daughter hangs all over her. She's practically claimed Sarah as "her" doe. Gwen being her first doe since she's a bottle baby and Hannah has spoiled her rotten!

Can't wait! The time is ticking away fast! What do you think she'll have?

5-20-08 body shot...

Pictures from yesterday 6-4-08...

She's every bit the size of Blessing in body size, but girth, Blessing does have her beat. ;) This is an odd angle, but you can see both bellies.
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Re: Sarah day 135

Come on Sarah! Lets see your :girl: and :boy: don't make us wait too long. I also love her spots.
CONGRATS! :wahoo:
I had to bottle feed one of mine to make sure she was getting enough. Why can't they just stay that way? The problem is when they get too big and think they should be in your lap. :shocked:

1 - 2 of 73 Posts
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