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Sarah Kidded day 147! Pics last post!!!!

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Sarah's due 6-20 just after Blessing. I can't wait to see her udder full. She's a beautiful doe who's finally starting to fill out like I'd hoped. She is beautiful anyway. She's bred to Larkspur who's buckskin with blue-eyes so we're hoping for lots of doelings with blue-eyes! Ha! She's a first freshener. She too is super sweet, my daughter hangs all over her. She's practically claimed Sarah as "her" doe. Gwen being her first doe since she's a bottle baby and Hannah has spoiled her rotten!

Can't wait! The time is ticking away fast! What do you think she'll have?

5-20-08 body shot...

Pictures from yesterday 6-4-08...

She's every bit the size of Blessing in body size, but girth, Blessing does have her beat. ;) This is an odd angle, but you can see both bellies.
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Beautiful girls!!! Congrats!! :stars:
Congratulations Ashley! Beautiful :girl: :girl: :stars:
So cute. Congratulations.
They are so pretty! :love: Congrats!
I know I must sound like a broken record but.................... how does her udder look? :help:
Muddy Creek Farm said:
I know I must sound like a broken record but.................... how does her udder look? :help:
I was wondering the same is probably great looking! Her doelings are gorgeous! I love the Sarah mini me! Congrats!
They are adorable!! Congratulations, Ashley!! :stars:
Hey, you know that first doeling looks ALOT like Isabel, down to the exact markings.
Her udder looks pretty good. I think they're both nursing one side though so its bound to wind up lopsided unless I pull and milk. I'll need to get some pictures of it. Need batteries again.

Yes I did notice that the first born does look like Isabel. She's beautiful. Working on names...
Can't wait for piccies!! Have you decided on names yet?
I will wait till I can fill her in for photos so that'll be at least when the kids are 2 weeks.

Names. Hm... I'm kind of leaning towards Gardenia for the white one and maybe Echinacea for the light buckskin. I'm kind of leaning towards retaining the pale buckskin doeling. I'm waiting to see how ears fill out too. ;)
Those are definelty some perdy lookin babies you got there! making me jealous!! But one thing I want to ask.... is the momma a full blown nigerian?? She is beautiful but her size, she looks huge and those ears?? She almost looks like a mini nubian.... If I am totally wrong please forgive me, she is gorgeous, those ears just made me laugh. I have one doe here with big ears, just not that big. And if those girls go missing out of your barn you know who stole them =)
The kids are maturing beautifully.

Sarah is a purebred Nigerian Dwarf. She's out of 4 Fun Upset by ARMCH Munchranch PH Magic Marker. She's one of triplet does. Her dam had the goofy ears. Sarah has goofy ears too. She's the only one I have like that. Thank goodness neither of her kids look like that!

Here's Y32 Gardenia...

Here's Y33 Jasmine...

We're retaining Jasmine and Gardenia is reserved.
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Yes full nigerian. Her dam had even funnier ears. :ROFL:

I am curious as to what Sarah;s udder does look like, Rusty really liked Charity and looking at her escutcheon, teat size and placement he thinks she will come in with a really nice udder. We can only hope!!
She's a bit lopsided right now from her kids nursing. I've been milking the side the kids aren't eating from and then they eat from that side letting the other side fill in more. So whenever I see it uneven I milk the fuller side. Haha I haven't pulled them from her yet to see her full. I have thought about doing that tonight or tomorrow night to see. Her and Blessing both. Can't you hear the loud mouths now! Haha

I also wanted to add.... that I'm a little afraid to see her full for fear that she'll be lopsided! Yikes!!! ;) We can hope and pray she's not.
LOL I know the fear of seeing the "damage" haha. Even with triplets Azriel is a bit uneven, even so I got her looking almost balanced for photos, thankfully!
Oh and might I add those kids are just PRECIOUS!!!
OMG I want Jasmine! :drool:

ha ha I need another goat like I need a kick in the bum! :roll:
Oh, they are just beautiful! I may have to get on your "waiting list"!
Thanks everyone! I think I might try pulling them tonight and see them in the AM. I won't have time to clip her udder for the photos though so expect hair!

I know these kids are adorable aren't they? Trying to figure out who to breed her to for next year. Not even sure. I like these kids though so maybe a repeat breeding. Who knows.
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