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Sarah Kidded day 147! Pics last post!!!!

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Sarah's due 6-20 just after Blessing. I can't wait to see her udder full. She's a beautiful doe who's finally starting to fill out like I'd hoped. She is beautiful anyway. She's bred to Larkspur who's buckskin with blue-eyes so we're hoping for lots of doelings with blue-eyes! Ha! She's a first freshener. She too is super sweet, my daughter hangs all over her. She's practically claimed Sarah as "her" doe. Gwen being her first doe since she's a bottle baby and Hannah has spoiled her rotten!

Can't wait! The time is ticking away fast! What do you think she'll have?

5-20-08 body shot...

Pictures from yesterday 6-4-08...

She's every bit the size of Blessing in body size, but girth, Blessing does have her beat. ;) This is an odd angle, but you can see both bellies.
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Well she was very lopsided this morning. Worse than I thought she'd be. I can't be positive but she maybe drying on one side. So much for all the work I did. Here's a 3/4...

Blessing however, has surpassed my expectations. May even keep her.
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It's awful when kids do that to their mom! What she does have looks very promising though and with such pretty babies a repeat may even be better :)
It is so hard to get a good photo when they are "too far gone". But you can tell that she has a very capacious udder :wink:
if its lopped, dry her off asap and wait for the next kidding, her udder looks reallly promising.
SDK...Ashley really can't dry her off now without needing to bottle the doelings...they aren't but 2 weeks old :)
I have seriously thought about bottle raising these kids. I usually pull them around 1 week though so I don't know how well these will adjust to the change. Anyone taken 2 week olds? They're literally 2 weeks today. Haven't disbudded yet either. Planned to do that very soon.
I have gotten two week old kids on a bottle no problem.
Yeah but I'd rather milk her to feed them and if I'd have to dry her to fix the problem I don't see that working.
That is true lol. Might as well let her do all the work :idea:
My problem is taking them from birth. I always get to feeling so incredibly guilt when I take them. LOL So I let them mom's keep them. Then I keep talking about taking them to bottle raise but never do. Some I do, but not as many as I think about taking.
I think I would feel really guilty too. If you have a CAE neg. herd and can spend enough time with the babies to make them decently nice then it is alot less work then bottle feeding. But there are many perks to bottle feeding the kids too, one being you get to see the dam's udder full EVERY day to evaluate it. I think I am going to start seperating kids at night from their moms at 2 weeks old so I can milk mom and feed the kids then they get to be with her all day long..
Yeah I know what you mean. All the pros seem to be in bottle raising for friendlier kids and seeing the dam's udder twice a day for milking. I just don't know how logical it would be for me to think I can do them all. You know? My hubby works 2nd so having his help at milkings is pretty well non existant. Hannah's still young and not quite got the hang of milking etc. So I don't know if I can rely on her help either. And my hands are horribly sore after one milking. I have carpal tunnel I think too so that sure doesn't help. Stevie wants to build a milk machine to make it easier on all involved. Besides it makes time pass faster.

I have finally gotten the hang of milking both sides at one time. I use to have to do one side at at time and the doe would get irritated with me taking so long. Haha!
just dry her up after the kids are weaned.

i've gotten 6 week old kids to take a bottle no problem. it can be difficult sometimes though.
i know the kids are two weeks but what i was trying to say is at the soonest possible time start to dry her.
Well wish me luck as I'm going to need it. I took Sarah's doelings tonight. Well stalled them in their usual stall without Sarah. They're getting so incredibly wild and hard to deal with so I'm going to bottle raise. I don't know how this happens. Must not be spending enough time down there and then having to chase them around the pasture to catch them to put them up at night and of course the disbudding yesterday all don't help. Only seems to be intensifying their distrust for me. So I've tried sitting with them to calm them but they do not like that one bit. So I'm going to try to bottle raise. I sure hope they take the bottle. I haven't pulled kids at 2 weeks before. Wish me luck!
Good luck Ashley! Hope they find out that bottle is an "extension" of their mom.
I doubt we'll get anywhere trying. Last kids I tried going on 3 weeks like this did not get anywhere. I was able to give up and put them on their mom again before she forgot them. I may just keep them up another week or so since the putting them up part is the worse. Spending quality time with Hannah with the babies this week and then trying to let them out in a week or so may work better.
well here's to hoping that it works!!!

just use some sticktoativity with it.. they get hungry enough and they will eat. (hopefully)

what you could do next time to make sure your kids are friendly is have them on mom but introduce a bottle to them when they are like 1-2 days old. it worked for me. dam raised but they will take a bottle if needed ( i.e. sick mommy, show, ect)

good luck
I've had much older kids want to take a bottle from me when I have a bottle baby around. But those are always pretty friendly kids anyway really. We'll see today. I don't expect much success this morning trying to get them to take one but we'll hope for better results throughout the day.
Well the girls checked me out this morning and had calmed down it seems. I got the white one, Gardenia and tried her first with the bottle. I was covered in milk and she wanted no part of it. She would just scream when I put it in her mouth. Let her chew on it a few minutes till she spit it out. Tried a few times and got the same results so she's not quite ready for it.

Jasmine however, the light buckskin didn't make a sound when I put it in her mouth and she immediately started suckling. When she'd stopped for a second she even took it by herself without me having to put the nipple in her mouth. So she made much better progress.

I'll go down again around lunch time and try a second time. Jasmine didn't take much since it was her first bottle and all. So maybe she'll be ready for more then. That and perhaps Gardenia will be ready for milk then.

I milked Sarah, she's such a good girl on the stand. I milked her out on her smaller side and milked just a little out of the full side. I'll continue to milk her to feed her kids. If I can even her up some that'll be nice but if I can't I'll dry her up and feed the kids the canned milk.
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yay jasmine!!
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