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Sarah Kidded day 147! Pics last post!!!!

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Sarah's due 6-20 just after Blessing. I can't wait to see her udder full. She's a beautiful doe who's finally starting to fill out like I'd hoped. She is beautiful anyway. She's bred to Larkspur who's buckskin with blue-eyes so we're hoping for lots of doelings with blue-eyes! Ha! She's a first freshener. She too is super sweet, my daughter hangs all over her. She's practically claimed Sarah as "her" doe. Gwen being her first doe since she's a bottle baby and Hannah has spoiled her rotten!

Can't wait! The time is ticking away fast! What do you think she'll have?

5-20-08 body shot...

Pictures from yesterday 6-4-08...

She's every bit the size of Blessing in body size, but girth, Blessing does have her beat. ;) This is an odd angle, but you can see both bellies.
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Gardenia took a few ounces during the day today and this evening Jasmine cleared her bottle and Gardenia took a few more ounces. They're making such wonderful progress!

Sarah is pretty easy to milk. My hands have been very sore lately so I broke out the maggidan milker. With my good sized teated does with big orifices it just won't work at all. I wind up hand milking them but to tell you the truth I absolutely love hand milking the does with big teats and big orifices. They're a true joy. First fresheners are smaller so hand milking is a chore. So for Sarah the maggidan was a treat. Made milking and feeding the babies this evening a really good experience. Yay!

Its working out you guys! Everything went so much more smoother than I was anticipating this evening. :leap: :clap: :stars:
I had a feeling the little buggers would come around! That is great! :cool:
Thats so good to hear Ashley! :leap:
Thanks! I'm so glad it went so well. Hope it continues, but that first bit is usually the hardest from what I've seen.

Now they're all going to freak out all night from the fireworks. Well hopefully they won't go all night shooting fireworks.
I haven't heard any fireworks here - just wait till tomorrow :roll:
thats just great Ashely! I do not have the bottle touch as I have a terrible time getting kids on the bottle.

well people have been shooting off stuff all day long and so far the goats have been ok. We will be watching them tomorrow night so hopefully all will be fine while I am gone :worried: they usually are
Today both Jasmine and Gardenia have happily taken the bottle and are so sweet already! They love to be pet and scratched. I just love this. Why don't I do them all? Haha

Haven't heard any fireworks today but I know that'll change once it starts to get dark. What I'm afraid of is that its been dry, no rain for months now and people are shooting fireworks. Spells a complete disaster.
I can't believe it was so easy to get them on the bottle! It must be a talent, I don't have it. :? I was going to pull Carly's kids, but I'm a big softy I guess (lazy?). But, I can at least put the kids up at night and milk her in the morning. You've inspired me!
Well you can fight all day long with no luck if they're not hungry. Key is to go slow and don't force. I will at first, force the mouth open and put the nipple in, but if they don't want it then I don't push the issue. I wait to the next scheduled feeding time and try again. Make sure the nipple drips a little milk so that they know what the nipples for. If it tastes like plastic they won't want it, but if tastes like milk they do. Make sure the milk is warm too.

Both Jasmine and Gardenia readily take the bottle now. Without any problems. I just sit down with two bottles and they both jump on. :D
CONGRATS! :wahoo:
I had to bottle feed one of mine to make sure she was getting enough. Why can't they just stay that way? The problem is when they get too big and think they should be in your lap. :shocked:

I have a yearling doe who's recently kidded and she still thinks she's a lap goat! My gosh she's heavy!!!
Ashley, My little Angel, who wasn't a bottle baby suddenly started to want Chiefs supplement bottle when she was 8 weeks I let her..the problem now is that I occassionaly give my 4 month old a bottle and Angel at a year+ and 40 pounds thinks she should get one too!! Goats are comical creatures aren't they? :ROFL:
See I've had that happen too. I would be giving a bottle baby their bottle and others want it worse than the bottle baby. Haha
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