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I wrote the other day with questions about this strange scab on my doeling (under lice? tick? ) My husband was able to get a good photo and it does look like a scratch and scabs all around. Please ignore the purple - I've been putting gentian violet on it. The odd thing is is that it doesn't come off like a scab anymore - though to be honest we have been messing with it and it may have rebled and gotten bigger. Originally it looked like small caramel coloured scabs, now it is bigger, redder and blacker (and now purple with the gv).
The other area is harder to see as her hair is black there.
I am hoping she just got scratched in the bramble and we are making it worse but I am a new goat mama and don't want to misdiagnose.
Anyone have this before or have any idea?
She is acting healthy and there is nothing on my whether.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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