Scours after Cocci treatment

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by dkizerian, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. dkizerian

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    Mar 11, 2013
    Tooele Utah
    Hi, we had Cocci run(literally) through our three 6-7 week old bottle babies. We treated with Dimethox, and used electrolytes and Arrest for the scours. Their last treatment was friday of last week, and two of the goats are completely back to normal berries, but the third is still scouring. He isn't having consistent poops though which is confusing us. He'll have one movement that is a christmas tree of fairly firm berries stuck together, then the next one will be like past or even a bit wetter, then back to another christmas tree or even a couple of big berries.

    When he is going, he kind of squeaks like it might be hurting him a little.

    He is eating excellent (tons of hay, some greens from outside, and 7oz of whole milk 3 times per day). He is also playing with his brothers as expected.

    We should have results back from a fecal on friday, I'm hoping this helps, but until then, any ideas?

    Thank You for any help
  2. Di

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    Give him some Pepto, 5-6mls. I give it twice a day for 3 days, should be fine by then. Sometimes, they need another "round" of treatment. But, I give them a couple of days to normalize first.

  3. dkizerian

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    Mar 11, 2013
    Tooele Utah
    So frustrating! He was back to solid last night, and this morning had firm little berries before feeding. About 20 minutes after his 7oz of whole milk he was right back to watery.
    We'll keep him hydrated till tomorrow when we get the results back.
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    Jan 7, 2013
    What breed? I wonder if you should feed less milk more often for awhile. I am giving my 5wk old Nigi that I suspect had cocci 5oz, 4 times a day.
  5. dkizerian

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    Mar 11, 2013
    Tooele Utah
    They're Nigerians. They're 7.5 weeks old, and are getting 3 7oz bottles a day. His two other brothers are doing great, but this guy is a little smaller, maybe cut him back to 5.5-6ish?

    They're all eating like crazy, and get the following:

    • Alfalfa pretty much free choice (restocked 2-3 times a day)
    • minerals and baking soda
    • Straw - they seem to eat as much of their bedding straw as they do the alfalfa.
    • let out on the pasture for 20-30 minutes, which they seem to eat the entire time.... It's mostly alfalfa, with some grasses (which are their first choice), and some other misc. weeds
    His scours this morning were quite a bit more green, and less black than last week. maybe he just gorged himself on straw all night... piggie!
  6. amiandhergoats

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    I am having a similar issue. My little buckling started having brownish-yellow scours two days ago. His pen mates are having normal poops. I treated all with Sulmet, because I suspect cocci (we had warm days, then rain, then a warm day, then rain) but he hasn't improved. I continue to dose Sulmet based on the 2-5 day amount of 1 ml per 10 lbs. He's playing and eating hay and grain as normal, but tonight he refused his bottle before it was finished and then had a bad yellow drippy poo again. He seemed to not feel well while pooping. He looked to be shaking a little and feels slightly warmer than the others, but that could be in my mind. I lost the thermometer!

    Mine are also getting Sweetlix Meatmaker with Rumensin as a top dressing to their grain. I am wondering if maybe he ate too much?