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Scours in seven month old doeling

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I was finishing up feeding this morning, hoping my doe would pee so I could do the bleach test for pregnancy on her, and I noticed Tulip seemed to be straining to poop.

Something clunky, probably dried fell to the ground, more than likely stuck to her backside where I couldn't see it until she tried to go. There was fecal matter crusting on her vulva, so I kept an eye on her. A while later, she started straining (grunting) again, and one pellet came out. Her anus had wet fecal matter on it. I brought her to the garage to take her temp, and by that time she had a new, very wet track all the way down to the end of her vulva. Straining seems to be a hallmark of whatever is going on (does that mean she is actually constipated, and the liquid is what can get around it?).

Temp is 102.6. She is eating like normal. She was headstrong and pulling me all the way down to the barn to get back to her buddies.

She was wormed in early October with Safeguard, and I attempted to give Ivomec SQ (for lice), but most of it went through her skin since I accidentally went in and back out of her skin when injecting it.

Our temps have been up and down. In the last week, we have had around a 50 degree swing in high temps. They finally got out and grazed in the last two days, after choosing to stay in the barn for at least a week.

What do I need to do to treat her?
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What color is the stool?

I would start with Probios and B Complex.
I'm going to have to go get more probios. Well, needed hay too, so I guess that works.

Her stools are yellowish brown. More brown than yellow for sure. VERY watery.
Get a fecal done for worms and cocci.

I know you said you wormed her with safeguard, when you did, was it 3x the dosage given, then 10 days later?
For our area though safeguard does not work anymore and in some others as well.

The injection of ivomec, if it went through the skin, then no, that didn't worm her.
Part of it went in her, and yes, did the 3x dosage thing. Other doeling's stool sample came back clear then. I was actually about to go get a sample before I checked on here. Go figure, I have a sick human kid home today too. Horrible cough and nearly gone voice.
You need to do the skin check and make sure she isn't dehydrated. Pinch the skin and see if it slides back into place (hydrated) or stays tented (dehydrated). I would tend to think that she is probably constipated if she did have 1 pellet and the rest is watery. An impaction will give those symptoms as the only thing that can get out is the watery stuff. Have you considered doing an enema as a precaution for that? Dehydration can occur quickly with scours and can be a cause for constipation also.
Get a fecal done and make sure she does not have Cocci.

Just take a baggie, turn it inside out and put your hand in it, wipe her rear and turn the bag right side out, and take it to a vet. Get a good amount if you can.
I sat down there for nearly 30 minutes, and not a drop came out. For an enema, anything I'll need to do it? Just a syringe? BTW, I scoured that barn, and could only find one spot where there might have been a small pile of scours. I will go to town first and get probios, as the vet's office is in the opposite direction. I'll stop back by and see if I can get a reliable sample after town. She is busy butting heads with the boy, eating hay, and doesn't look bloated anywhere. clue on the enema...never had to do one. If you're going to the vets ask there.
So, I'm back from town. Gave her nutridrench and probios. I don't want to give her the b vitamins until I am back from the vet. All I see on her butt is old stuff, not near the rectum. Unless she is over what was bothering her, I am beginning to lean towards impaction. No fun. Anyway, I am going to go watch a goat's butt for a while to see if she strains, or if she poops normal/abnormal stuff. Didn't see any big piles of poo from her.
Got a poo sample. It was soft pelleted- meaning it was fluffier, and not dry, but formed into balls that are bigger than her normal pellets. I saw a tiny blood tinge with it, only on one side of a clump, and just a little. I also saw more of the inside of her rectum when she popped out these pellets. It is a greenish brown color (they've all been eating alfalfa grass hay), like a brown version of a drab military green. I don't think the smell is really any different than usual. About to take this puppy to the vet and get the sample tested.
Green poop is usually dietary. Hopefully the fecal will give you a few answers ;)
I agree.
Cocci, a decent load at that.
My two choices were Corid or Albon (for dogs and cats, 5% oral suspension. Usual livestock dilution is 12.5%). Per vet instructions, 1cc per 2lbs (that follows along with the 1cc per 5lbs for 12.5% solution rate fairly close). I'll be dosing both the little girls and the little guy, and run in a stool sample on Bree come Monday. Since our weather was really crappy lately, I want to be sure she didn't get knocked down enough to get it (though less likely in her since she is an adult).
Should have said, I went with the Albon.

Also, vitB is okay with this one, right? I haven't done that yet. I know CoRid works by depleting thiamine, but it won't hurt to give her VitB later or in the morning, will it?

I'll dose them all with probiotics in the AM. I got some probios powder, so I'll top dress everyone, and hit them with nutridrench too.

She is feisty and doesn't have a lot of scours on her. She took the Albon like a champ, and is eating her dinner right now. As soon as she is done I will bring up the other two younger ones to dose them. They have spent so much time in confined quarters the last week, that it am treating the younger ones as if they all have it.
Yes B complex is fine...: ) glad you got answers
The other two are my less picky goats, and both of them loved the Albon. Like suckling it out of the syringe kind of love. Tulip didn't spit it out, so I call that a step in the right direction.

I'm glad I noticed this today. Otherwise I would have been treating her blindly over the weekend, since I'm no good at fecals yet. Since she appears to be in good shape otherwise (7.5 months old, 70lbs. per the bathroom scale and my ten year old reading the numbers off), I'm hopeful that we caught this before it got too bad. My other doeling is 6.5 months, 60 lbs (I talked to their breeder, and she says that Ruby's dam was on the smaller side, then grew and became a leggier doe later on), and was clear of cocci as recently as mid October, so any load she may have has built up since then. The buckling was treated for, and clear of afterward, cocci as of a little less than a month ago. Nothing like a little confinement to brew up some coccidia (over ten days since they have spent the majority of their time out grazing, which included a solid week of hanging out pretty exclusively in our barn).

I'll make sure to check for lice tomorrow too, since I know they like to show up when immune systems are down.
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gad you were able to catch it quickly..treating all the kiddos is a good idea...: )

best wishes
My other doeling has some, crumbs, on her backside, so I guess I started treatment at the right time.

Right now, everyone is pigging out on hay, and they all have been ravenous for their grain.

Tulip chased my son (he was running, and she wanted to keep up) all the way from the barn to the garage, where I keep the milking stand. She was bouncing, jumping, and twisting sideways like a goof. She was also the one pulling the hardest to get down to the barn afterwards (I'm guessing she has the worst separation anxiety out of my herd).

So aside from the bowel issues I noticed starting yesterday, their behavior is pretty normal.

Oh, and nobody seems dehydrated. I did check yesterday for that.
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