Scours- traditional route barely working

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    Jun 9, 2015
    2 yr old Nigerian doe. The last 6 mo has been rough for her, constant scours and anemia. Her stool showed cocci so she went on Albon. After 5 days she had pellets but as soon as she came off it diarrhea again. Another round of Albon and no improvement. The vet then gave her a round of fenbendazol, I had been worming her with Morantel. She improved with that also but two days later diarrhea. For the last month she has been on a covered concrete pad with hay and water as grazing even long grass seems to aggravate it. She is alert, eating and drinking well. Gained 2 pounds and the anemia is still present but better. I'd appreciate any advice as even the vet is mystified.
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    Give her something to rebuild her blood. Just using a cocci med won't help that.

    Are you sure there was no worms?

    Have you did another fecal for worms and cocci to see where she is at?
    If she still has anything treat it with a different wormer.

    No grain while she is scouring or lush pasture. Just hay.

    What color is her stool?

    I would give her iron supplement, probiotics and fortified vit B complex.

    For the scours, buy pig scour guard, and give 6cc, the first dose, then 3cc the next day if she stopped scouring, 2 x a day for 3 days, it should stop it by the next day.

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    I would be sending a fecal off to a state lab for a thorough test. What about crypto and giardia?