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I have a boer doe and this is her 4th litter the first 2 this didn't happen but the last 2 litters that was twins have got scours. Diet has not changed nothing has changed any ideas why this may be happening? Please help Thanks
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Is the diarrhea a bright yellow? If so, it is milk scours caused by the doe's milk being a little too rich and/or they are getting a little too much milk. Just keep an eye on them and their systems will adjust in a day or so.
It's best to get them off milk, and give them electrolytes. You don't want them dehydrated. ..... I found that pepto bismo helped my little guys with tummy trouble... someone else will post who knows more......
Need more info as indicated above.
The kids are 3 days old. It is a bright yellow real pasty
So then it is only paste consistency and not runny liquid?

Paste is normal. Runny liquid is not.
Not sure when it came out if it was runny or paste but it drys really hard around and in there anus
With your description, it is really hard to say if they are actually scouring or not. Usually mom cleans them up but apparently yours aren't doing that.
I agree it sounds like their normal poo. If it gets really runny that's when you should really worry. But still keep a eye on the kids and make sure it doesn't dry up to the point where they can't poop.
That was my main concern Jessica. I wanna thank everyone for the help and help to come. Hope all yall have a good New Year's
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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